Zane – “I Feel Love”

 Zane – “I Feel Love”

Zane – “I Feel Love” – Single Review

Alrighty then!  No issues here with Zane’s latest single/cover version of Donna Summer’s infamous hit “I Feel Love” – this is an approved track for your summer.

It’s actually pretty faithful to the original as far as the structure & melody are concerned.  Retaining the essence of what made this single’s hooks connect to people largely in-tact, Zane brings in added guitars and a vibrant, atomic-energy to the chorus.  It’s always been a great song to begin with and I think Zane has played this one cleverly by taking the roots of the idea and letting it grow & expand even more on this new update to “I Feel Love.”

And I don’t know this for a fact, I just know it to be true…but there’s like…a distinct kind of like…what is that…Zoo-TV-era U2 vibe running through this too?  Somewhere around the Achtung Baby! The sound running through the vocals here that seems to have that same mysterious electricity & texture to it.  Might just be me that’s hearing this version in this particular way…but given that that’s also my favorite era of U2’s catalog, that’s a welcome style to my ears as far as I’m concerned.

The main synth-line is intact as “I Feel Love” begins…the added guitars come in quickly to add flavor before Zane lets the smoothness of his vocals flow into the music alongside the perfect backing tones provided by Kim Feeney.  I SAY backing-tones…but she gets right in there towards the front during the chorus and the extra amped-up energy is really what makes it work so well when combined with Zane’s own burst of energy.  I mean look…the writing of this track has always stood out and been memorable…whether it’s verse or chorus you’d examine, you’d conclude that both parts have the essential hooks and writing that have all those makings of a hit song, which of course, it was.  So without drifting too far from the script – the verses on “I Feel Love” here from Zane come out almost as you’d expect and they sound absolutely great.  Where the real contributions to this song take place are truly in the magic they’ve put into this chorus collectively…between Zane and Feeney there’s no way to choose a favorite here – it’s the combination of the two of them that make this chorus work so exceptionally well.  Not even remotely kidding – the way they’ve put this together seriously gets me AMPED!

So…overall…thumbs-up from me.  I think that Zane’s done enough to “I Feel Love” to warrant its return and certainly supplied a stadium’s worth of energy in the performance on this tune.  Whether smoothed-out in the verse or amped-up in the chorus, “I Feel Love” sounds intensely revitalized and satisfyingly stylistic in this new cover version from Zane.

And I’ll tell ya what ALSO really works for this song – and that’s the video that goes with it.  Serious WOW to this – I absolutely love the editing on it and how it moves…but even more-so, I’d have to hand it to the brilliant scene-selection itself.  Nailed the era, the look, the feel, the movement, the flow – you name it; I found this massively entertaining as a guy that puts videos together all-day himself.  If you’ve got those technical editing skills (Which I don’t really but I sure like to pretend!) then you’ll certainly get more out of this when you watch it…knowing the way it all has to be put together for it to move and flow as well as it does, let me tell ya…the effort & hard-work has been put in and the results are perhaps even more stunning then they logically should be!  “I Feel Love” is high-quality entertainment in both its audio/video form…a great song to bring back right now that I’m positive the people will dig this summer…and of course, beyond.

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