Zachery Le’on – “Lost Tribe”

 Zachery Le’on – “Lost Tribe”

Peep this y’all!

As promised on the latest episode of the SBS Podcast – we’ve got the video for Zachery Le’on’s latest single “Lost Tribe” from his album Ion-6 The Beginning, posted up hot & fresh for ya here at the page, ready for your viewing & listening pleasure, ready to be turned right UP homies.  With a wild video directed, filmed, and edited expertly by Mercy Morrow – Zachery Le’on starts this out by taking a quick nap & then finding out there’s a whole other world waitin’ for him in his mind, ready to get the mayhem & music flowin’ in an animated-half of the video.  And of course, you get time with the main star onscreen doin’ his thang as well – Le’on grips the mic with confidence, catchy-but-clever material, and bars of FIRE hot enough to light-up that ‘purple smoke‘ he’s been rappin’ about.  Complex in design, smooth AF in delivery – Zachery weaves his thoughts flawlessly through the BIG hooks, solid beats & chill music of his new single while creating a serious cut to cruise to.  Don’t get caught sleepin’ on this one – have a look at the new video released just earlier this month for Zachery Le’on’s latest cut from Ion-6 The Beginning and catch the vibe of “Lost Tribe” below yo!

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