Young Coconut – Bieber Heads

 Young Coconut – Bieber Heads

Young Coconut – Bieber Heads – Album Review

Nice. We reviewed Young Coconut not too long ago and his latest album I Got A Vibe…and we definitely got our ears deep into the unique and creative sounds he had put to record. So, in an effort to dig deeper into the bizarre world of Young Coconut – he’s back! Well…sort of…

Bieber Heads, the album in review by Young Coconut here was released prior to I Got A Vibe but definitely still has that flavor you’ll find only YC can add. Take the opening/title track itself – “Bieber Heads” instantly takes you for a trip into a world of sounds you won’t expect and vocals that will always make you crack a wry smile.

In what becomes one of the strangest turns on the album after repeat listens – the following track “Sabrina” is about as perfect as our indie songs can get these days, though much more “straight ahead” than you’ll find nearly another other track from YC to be! It’s an absolutely beautiful song and incredibly performed. The tightness in this track is impeccable…the groove is undeniable…I’m not a guy to just get up and dance but…

I…uh…just have to go get something….be right back…

Right. Ok. Where was I?

How about this? What I appreciate the most in Young Coconut’s music is the amount of strength he puts into his innovation. Each track is a stretch of my own imagination just to keep up with where he might be going to next, and I appreciate that. Whether it’s tracks like “Lazy Liars” or “Cup Of Snow,” each track brings out another arrow from his musical quiver and showcases an ability he seems to be able to flex like a muscle at any given time. There’s thought behind the music here…an effort to not be “normal” while still somehow sounding effortless…

And much like the album to follow from Young Coconut in our previous review, this album has that blessed amount of atmosphere and ingenuity you’ve become accustomed to in his work. “Koca Bebek” in all its shortness, is a wicked trip that again highlights some of that real atmosphere YC can create in a track…each of these tracks take you somewhere else than the one before just did.

In another somewhat bizarre turn (Like, what’s bizarre on a YC record right?) the final cut “Torch Bearer” has an interesting disco-like feel to it, mixed-in with some smooth vocals to go along with it. Nearly a little “straight ahead” in the Coconut catalog as well, but a good song nonetheless and a great way to go out and leave a nice hook as a lasting impression.

All in all, to be honest, as a song guy…”Sabrina” alone would have made this album for me. But as expected, Young Coconut, long before we met him through his latest album I Got A Vibe, had already put out all kinds of excellent songs in the past and many of them can be found right here on this album Bieber Heads.

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