Yajna – “Femenomenal”

 Yajna – “Femenomenal”

With a remarkably empowering new single, Swedish artist Yajna sounds spectacularly sincere, confident, and ready to unite the people out there through the emotionally-charged, heartfelt, and thought-provoking words you’ll find on “Femenomenal.”  Not only do you get a full song’s worth of insightful lyricism, you also get Yajna’s exceptionally beautiful voice and vocal-melody leading the way, and the warmth & comfort of the enormous hooks in the chorus.  Alongside everything in its right place in the music & production, Yajna shines brightly with a stunning performance that is as graceful as it is entertaining, taking the hooks to the heights they deserve, and keeping the more low-key approach to the verses with the matching energy & vibe required to make this moment real.  “Femenomenal” is technically “Pt. 2” in the “Trilogy Of The Rising Phoenix” series that Yajna started putting out in 2019 with the release of “Pt. 1” called “You Are Beautiful” earlier this year – and if there’s one conclusion that can certainly be drawn by listening to her latest tunes, it’s that you can hear the radiant inspiration in her voice.  Passionate, highly skilled, and gifted with an exceptionally beautiful singing-voice, Yajna clearly knows her time is now and she’s ready to embrace it with everything she’s got – have a listen to her brand-new single “Femenomenal” below!


Find out more about Yajna from her official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/yajnamusic

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