Wred Esguerra – “You’re Still Here”

 Wred Esguerra – “You’re Still Here”

Wred Esguerra – “You’re Still Here” – Single Review

Alright…considering this is a debut single & all, I think Wred deserves a lot of credit for how “You’re Still Here” came out, and the strengths he shows in his vocals and R&B style.  The right ideas are here, present & accounted for…the potential is certainly there…and overall, Esguerra’s got a beautiful voice that’s capable of enchanting the ol’ hearts & minds of the people listening out there.  I’m not arguing on behalf of flawless perfection here on this debut single, but I will definitely go to bat for Wred having all the right pieces he needs to succeed for his career to follow.  In terms of a first impression, he leaves ya with a good one, while hinting at the greatness that could bloom & blossom as he evolves into the artist he’s meant to become as Wred continues to inch his way towards the spotlight in his breakout year.

So.  The main strengths are right there in the man’s voice.  At his best, Wred is enchanting, inviting, soulful, and just as heartbreaking as he is entertaining on a single like “You’re Still Here” – these are all major positives…the dude can sing and there’s really no doubt about that.  The music supporting him is stellar…I think it’s really well suited for what Esguerra is looking to create as far as vibes are concerned, and sets the stage to draw out the best in his gentle take on R&B throughout this debut tune.  It’s a very mellow track at the end of the day…evocative and sensory, and “You’re Still Here” retains a fragile & crystalline piano-led sound as it plays, which perfectly supports the delicate nature of the main theme.  Exploring love lost and diving deep into the emotional struggle and personal turmoil that comes directly from heartbreak, “You’re Still Here” could very well be a plea for a return and Wred creating a song that might just bring his former love back to him…either way, he’s done well to make this moment vivid and real for all of us with the detail in his lyricism and the authentic pain on display.  It ain’t gonna be the happiest song you’re gonna hear this year, that much I can tell ya is true – but by that same token, “You’re Still Here” isn’t the story of love scorned at all…it’s a tributary toast to what was, and a genuine expression of how that moment in time still continues to be just as relevant to Wred to this very day.  Ultimately it’s a song that speaks strongly on behalf of how the memory of those we love continue to haunt our hearts for days, weeks, years afterwards…there’s really no telling just how long it’ll last for.  As someone like Wred knows, and has detailed here in the emotional threads tying his debut single together, sometimes those memories are welcome and a beautiful thing…at others, they’re too hard to grapple with and lead us straight into tears…”You’re Still Here” is highly relatable for the heartbroken.

Now…to be fair…no one out there really expects perfection out of a debut, deep down.  It’s a truly nice surprise in the rare instances you find it, sure – but to expect it, from any artist or band as they first step into the spotlight, would actually be downright horrifying & entirely unrealistic.  As I frequently remind y’all on these pages of ours, as an artist making those first songs, you should want room to grow & evolve – actually actively seeking it out in fact…that’s how you reach that all important next level.  Where I’d advise an artist like Wred to be cautious, is in maintaining the focus on his tone throughout the entire duration of his music – there’s no doubt that when he’s right on the money, he’s stellar & the sincerity comes across clearly – but there are a few rawer moments here & there that sporadically pop up throughout “You’re Still Here” that reveal a couple of opportunities to be smoothed out & refined even further.  As far as the length itself goes – I think Wred’s got an excellent three & a half to four minute song in here…but it’s more than a minute longer than that at a robust 5:10, which might end up watering down its potential impact.  In short, Wred’s gotta tighten it up in my opinion…I’m not saying he can’t rock a longer track if that’s what he chooses to do in the future, of course he can – I’m simply saying that in this particular instance, there’s a good chance that a few folks out there are gonna feel like they ‘got it’ long before it’s over, you feel me?  Whereas you wanna aim for that reason for listeners to return, Wred kind of gives you that through already inside of a track that continues to explore its main hooks beyond what might have people coming back to hear it again, if that makes any sense – it’s like listening to it twice in one dose.  Shorten it up a little bit there Wred…give those people every reason to come back and listen more, because they couldn’t get enough, as opposed to possibly over-supplying too much of what they would love.  There we go – that’s what I was looking to communicate, finally – forgive my rambling ways…

Anyhow!  Lots of positives to be had here, even in the midst of heartbreak – Wred’s got himself off to a solid start and reveals all the hallmarks of an artist that sincerely wants to make music with passion and emotion you can feel – with time & experience over the years to follow, he’ll dial right into it all, 100%.

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