Worthy – “Isolation”

 Worthy – “Isolation”

When you give up is when you fail.”  #truth

Buckle-up y’all…I’ve heard a few Covid-19 influenced cuts so far, as the pandemic continues to grow & expand into the musical universe we all share – but this cut from Worthy?  “Isolation” is easily one of the best of the best I’ve heard to this point.  Worthy attacks the m-i-c with knowledge bombs and thought-provoking lines that are sure to have you paying attention to his every word – and chances are, you’ll find you relate to everything he’s layin’ down in his lyrics throughout “Isolation,” it’s a single that’s as relevant to what we’re all experiencing right now collectively as you’re likely to ever hear.  This emcee has done an absolutely exceptional and all-out stellar job of expressing these words he’s written with the power, punch, emphasis, and impact the message truly deserves – and backed by the haunting & epic atmosphere & sound of the music he’s working with…I mean c’mon now folks – “Isolation” has everything you want to keep you fully entertained & thinking at the same time as you consider all of what Worthy is saying.  “Isolation” is the exact kind of song the whole world needs to hear right now – I’ve got a ton of respect for the direct way that Worthy communicates his thoughts and how he expresses the frustration so many of us feel in trying to figure out what’s really going on between the facts & the fiction we’re bombarded with through the media every day.  It’s highly comforting to know there are artists like Worthy on the front-lines of music standing up for what’s right and putting out material that reaches beyond what a mere hook or catchy song could ever provide – he’s written words to seriously consider, and he’s crushed it when it comes to the execution with a gripping performance that sounds like his very life depends on this moment in “Isolation.”  And if you’re really listening to the lyrics of this single, you’ll realize it might; not just his own life, but all of ours – pay attention!

Stay tuned for more music coming from Worthy and hit up his official channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3sAWjynmf5FDmklUpa9kCA

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