WinstonW – “Life Fuel”

 WinstonW – “Life Fuel”

The ever-bizarre tunes of WinstonW continue to keep on coming in 2019 – always awesome to find an artist out there that’s pushing themselves forward like this guy has been.  Chances are, you’ll remember him from the recent posts here at the page on his singles “Purple Eden” and “1984” from WinstonW’s trilogy of George Orwell-inspired EPs – but be prepared for him to switch up the vibes on his latest cut called “Life Fuel!”  While his dank-style of Electro/Industrial isn’t likely ever going to brighten-up TOO much, you could still justifiably call “Life Fuel” on the lighter-side of WinstonW’s catalog so far, and it’s certainly a long way removed from the murk of the material he explored on his EPs War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength. He makes flashy moves, he brings genuine energy & an inspired spark to the verses, and in general, he’s celebrating what he loves about making music & supplying you with multiple reasons as to WHY he makes it on his new single.  You gotta dig that!  It’s a song ABOUT music…the power it has, how it moves an artist like WinstonW to a fraction within his own self-destruction from the passion it provides him with – it amps him up THAT MUCH when he hears or creates something he loves, and you know we’ve got full respect for that here on this side of the screen.  He retains that mechanically-melodic sound he’s explored in the past with his vocals – and for what it’s worth, I think it finds just as much of a solid spot in a more upbeat mood like you’ll find on “Life Fuel” as it has in his previously darker material – it might be odd, but it somehow fits.  I’m pretty sure it all ties into the authentic enthusiasm he has in the words he’s written…it’s clear that music isn’t just a passion for WinstonW – it’s his one true love in LIFE – and if that isn’t full proof of his dedication to the art & craft, I don’t know what else could be.  Check out his latest single and find out what WinstonW’s been up to – click play on “Life Fuel” below!

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