Wingman – “Distracted”

 Wingman – “Distracted”

For most artists & bands out there, they say the ‘sky is the limit’ – you’ve heard that before at least once or twice I’m sure.

When it comes to Wingman, the sky is simply where it all starts y’all – and believe me when I say, he’s set to blast off straight into the stratosphere.

I’m built on the natural instinct to question numbers I see out there…that’s kind of the result of being in promotions over the course of several years in the scene now.  You’ll see your favorite mainstream artists out there with a marginal amount of hits on their latest cut…and it’s natural to be suspicious when you see a massive amount of views & clicks on a name you might not even know yet – but just because we’re not familiar with the moniker doesn’t mean it’s still not a verifiable possibility when the potential is justified.  I tell you all this, because I wasn’t the least surprised to see that “Distracted” is catching literal FIRE out there on the internet already, clocking in at somewhere around the comfortable neighborhood of 10K views per day since its release.

And rarely will you hear a single where numbers as extraordinary as those make so much damn sense – but yet here we are – meet Wingman.

The skill in this dude is beyond jaw-dropping – and the direction he’s chosen, built on absolutely spectacular hybrid sound…is beyond impressive, full-stop.  Once I had checked out “Distracted” for myself, I knew what I heard…that’s the X-factor at work – in fact, I literally can’t imagine anyone out there hearing what Wingman does and come to any other conclusion – that’s how much appeal there is in the music he’s making.  I know, I know, I know…you’re thinking that I’ve got one cut in front of me…MAYBE it’s a fluke right?  Nah.  It ain’t.  I didn’t need to verify that Wingman was as amazing as he is by listening to tunes from his Weird New Feelings record to confirm what I was thinking – I just straight-up wanted to hear MORE from this guy the very moment I could; and yes, for what it’s worth, I can confirm the fact that this guy is audibly next-level in every possible way you can imagine.  “Distracted” is a brilliant gem of single-worthy sound from start to finish…and it makes for a perfect first impression & gateway into a debut record stocked full of cuts you’ll absolutely wanna turn up from Wingman – I’m 100% all about this guy.  This is how you make an impact y’all – not only is the writing rock-solid, the sound stunningly hybrid & enticing, and the main man on the mic revealing supreme star-quality from the moment you hear Wingman’s very first word – but the hooks, melody, and vibe of “Distracted” & the details in these bars prove that the amount of thought, effort, emotion, and personal investment he’s putting into his career is bound to pay off – this is a flawless cut.

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