Wild Other – “Midafternoon Melancholy” Feat. freshavocado

 Wild Other – “Midafternoon Melancholy” Feat. freshavocado

If you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast yesterday, you heard a ton of my thoughts on this exquisite collaboration between Wild Other and freshavocado right after we played their single “Midafternoon Melancholy” on the show – and of course, we promised we’d post the stellar video supporting it here onto our pages for your perusal.  We keep our word here at SBS – so here you are!

If you haven’t checked out the last episode of the SBS Podcast yet featuring “Midafternoon Melancholy” yet – have no fear, you can do that anytime you like by clicking right here – but let me fill you in a bit on what’s goin’ on here in this collaborative effort.  First & foremost, you’ve got the supremely awesome FACT that this single was indeed, recorded modestly around a kitchen table at three o’clock in the morning…which is…good lord…amazing?  It’s full-on verifiable proof of how the spirit of music truly lives in the moment…and if you’re lucky enough to have the ol’ technology handy to record that, even better.  The resulting sound of “Midafternoon Melancholy” is a wonderful combination of sweet & soulful vibes, chilled-out, relaxed, organic…free-flowing poetry in motion if you ask me…it’s a beautiful moment to listen to unfold with such an inviting & humble atmosphere & aura floating dreamily along with every second.  It might be short at just ninety-seconds long – but take a lesson from this duo; not only do they completely create a lasting & memorable impact through the melody & vibes of “Midafternoon Melancholy,” but they also demonstrate in the process, that even the smallest moments can add up to something undeniably special.  The vocals are absolutely outstanding, the lyricism adds depth & contrast, and the music takes a perfectly humble, complementary role to sweetly support every word.

As far as the video goes, as I mentioned on the show as well, it’s very true to the visual style of what Wild Other likes to bring to the screens in terms of abstract art that also evokes emotion – and this time around, a third dimension is introduced to this collaboration in order to make that happen, with the expert direction of AYAKU pulling pieces of his film The Black Chamber to create the video for this song.  And while as sad & nostalgic as this “Midafternoon Melancholy” can be through its lyricism, you can’t help but appreciate what a gorgeous experience this all stacks up to from the speakers to the screen.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that what’s happening in the music being made by freshavocado & Wild Other combined has something altogether next-level about it all.  They make music that instantly connects to the heart & soul – I loved what I’ve heard in the past already through songs like Wild Other’s “Love Avenue,” and their collaborative single “The Light Of The City” is still one of my favorite discoveries from out there on the internet this year.  ”Midafternoon Melancholy” is more confirmation of the growing specialness to be found within Wild Other’s music – and another audible reason to hope & pray that this collaboration with freshavocado continues on as strong as this over the years to follow.

Find more music by Wild Other at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/0McCYILrRxDElZ4Hjyu2nd

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