Wil Locz – “Get That Moolah”

 Wil Locz – “Get That Moolah”

Can’t stop, won’t stop – it’s been a day full of intense rap cuts here at the page!

Listen to the grit & determination of Wil Locz as he hustles the mic for all it’s worth over the beats & bars of his latest single/video “Get That Moolah.”  Seriously huge hooks in the vibe of this cut – and you can hear from the tone of Wil Locz voice that there ain’t nothing coming in between him and his paper-stacks.  Rhythmically smooth and equally bold – “Get That Moolah” flexes massive verbal muscle & an impressive amount of sheer skill; Wil Locz proves he can flow with the best of the best in a tight rhyme that details what a day in the life of this emcee is really all about.  Check out the killer video shot for “Get That Moolah” below and let it inspire you to stack some paper of your own yo!

Find out more about Wil Locz at his official website:  https://willocz.wordpress.com/

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