Wayne Sharkey – “We’re Not Free”

 Wayne Sharkey – “We’re Not Free”

It’s never too late, as they say.

I really like the story of what’s happening here with solo artist Wayne Sharkey.  If you read into the man a little bit, you’ll find that he’s always had a strong interest & attachment to music, but has actually only been recording for a couple of years now.  Like I said, it’s never too late…I’m glad he’s finding his way.

Because I like what I hear so far.  Especially if we’re factoring in the length of time that Wayne’s approached his music from a professional angle…I mean, if we’re considering that in this equation as well, as far as I’m concerned, his quaint & humble style of songwriting is actually ahead of the game in a typical artist’s or band’s career timeline.  To my own ears personally, it’s right around the 1:45 mark that confirms everything I’ve said so far…hearing Wayne take it up that extra 10% in his vocal energy, just enough to get a hint of the rasp of wisdom in his voice to echo the insightful imagery & emotion in his words.  Sharkey’s got a solid grip on what he wants to do with “We’re Not Free” – it might sound fairly bare-bones with its combo of banjo, acoustic guitar, violin, and vocals…but you really appreciate the gentle way this whole song stacks up these elements in a minimalist design that can still make a truly memorable impact.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s melancholic at all…I felt like “We’re Not Free” ran much deeper than to simply describe this that way…it’s sweet acoustic-based sound has a real sincerity & thoughtful beauty to it if you ask me.  There are moments of longing, but hope as well in his words that nostalgically reflect on life, while also seeming to double as closure, or a goodbye, to an important chapter in Wayne’s life…at least for now.  “We’ll meet up some day, when you’re free,” as he’ll explain.

As delicate as this single may be, there are some very bold reasons as to why Sharkey’s going to go on to do great things with his music, and you can hear’em on display all the way through “We’re Not Free.”  He’s got great tone, pace, and emotion is his vocals…he’s got a wonderfully poetic style of writing & expressing himself in words that’ll definitely connect with the songwriters out there…the music is all exceptionally beautiful, warm, and inviting…it’s like Wayne Sharkey is dreaming aloud on “We’re Not Free” and we get the opportunity to witness it all somehow.  It makes for an experience that really sets you adrift into your own thoughts…and when you snap out of it, you’ll likely realize you’ve been singing along with Wayne the entire time…because you feel this vibe, like it’s been a part of you all along.  Even the video shot by Jordan Sharkey offers another interesting dimension & angle into what this song could be about…either there’s a tremendous amount of irony in the fact that Wayne is out in the completely wide-open and in what appears to be the most ‘free’ environment a person could ever possibly find themselves in – OR – and I’m just sayin’ hear me out here…maybe that’s a reflection that, no matter where we are or what we’re surrounded by, we’re still there within ourselves and within our thoughts, wherever we go.  It might appear like Sharkey is in the freest place on earth…maybe your own backyard is every bit as stunning as the scenery you’ll see in the video too…but when it comes to our hearts, minds & memories, are any of us really ever free?  And ain’t there some beauty in that kind of captivity too?  These are the questions that Wayne really seems to get right to the heart of here – and perhaps even more importantly, never seems to waver in his faith that the serenity he’s seeking is still within his grasp.  He can see it clearly in his mind and he takes you there with him on “We’re Not Free” – as a result, he’s got a spectacularly natural sound that connects – you know that everything he’s singing about is real to him…you can hear it…& because of that, this experience is every bit as real for us.

The new single “We’re Not Free” comes from the upcoming EP called Under A Western Sky.  Stay up to-date on the details and find out more about Wayne Sharkey at his official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/waynesharkeymusic

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