Vix 20 – “Tron Takes The Train”

 Vix 20 – “Tron Takes The Train”

Vix 20 – “Tron Takes The Train” – Music Video Release

A future-retro fandango and celebration of all things 8 and 16bit.

Well now – you know we’ve got time for something like that here at our pages!

Especially when you consider the video that comes along with it all – “Tron Takes The Train” has a rad set of visuals supporting their single, courtesy of Nether Pixel Studios.  All animated & continuously moving through a minecraft map, you’re in the driver’s seat as you slide through the digitalized world with soul-soothing chilled-out Synthwave music as your soundtrack – what’s not to love about this?

For real – Vix 20 had me at the title-screen that opens up the video for “Tron Takes The Train” – and if you’re into your retro-games, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you see it all.  Complete with a “press fire to start” option at the bottom & “player select” screen – you gotta dig how expertly crafted this video is right off the bat, and once you’re officially all set up & ready to roll out into the digital realm, the visuals keep comin’ at ya at a rapid pace to keep your eyes entertained every bit as much as your ears.  Song-wise, Vix 20 has got a solidly inviting single on their hands with the accessible grooves of “Tron Takes The Train” coming together in a brilliantly organic way within a synthesized sound.  With questioning & evocative lyricism that examines the connection between us all, and vocals that surge with electric energy through the clever use of effects – you’ll find the powerful hooks on “Tron Takes The Train” completely hit that memorable mark you’re hoping for.  High-levels of repeat value are found all over the place here, from the song itself to the remarkable video it has, Vix 20 has put together true entertainment from every angle, visually & audibly – everything invites you to listen & watch, and everything you’ll see & hear retains your genuine interest through the attention to detail.

All-in-all, it’s a job extremely well done; it’s the kind of single that’s got all the right ingredients from the sound & style of Vix 20, to the enticing tour of the digital world for the video by Nether Pixel Studios.  It’s the balance in strengths that really makes the combination of mediums work in Vix 20’s favor here – “Tron Takes The Train” gets the most out of this moment, taking you right along for the ride through pro-controlled Synthwave sound and an inspired & insightful look into the world on the other side of the screen.  Vix 20 is already racking up thousands of hits on “Tron Takes The Train” since its official release on February 21st this year – the masses are catching on quick!  At the rate it’s climbing, the rewards of an extra life, a sweet-sweet item box, or at the very least a whole bunch of proud new members of their highly dedicated fan-base, are right around the corner.

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