VinLa’Infinite – Heroes Don’t Exist

 VinLa’Infinite – Heroes Don’t Exist

VinLa’Infinite – Heroes Don’t Exist – EP Review

If you’re looking for a solid example of what it means to commit to a performance…look no further, you’ve found it. VinLa’Infinite is absolutely creating new rhythms & rhymes on the Heroes Don’t Exist EP – and as it turns out, it all seems to sound as addictive as it does innovative. I’m feeling pretty confident when I say…that you really probably haven’t heard anything quite like this before – this emcee is bringing something extraordinarily new to the table through this combination of big-beats, smart-samples and effects added to the vocals to give it all the inventive-edge & extra-twist.

It goes beyond all that though; the real magic is right on the microphone. You can hear the hunger and confidence the very moment that VinLa’Infinite starts into the first verse of “Luxury” and the ride continues quickly from there. VinLa’Infinite rips through the verse at a blazing speed, sharp & on-point; and as the song builds its intensity, he keeps on his grind and puts the extra-effects into the chorus – something that will go on to become a signature part of his arsenal of sound as the EP plays on. As smooth as it is grimey…it’s got a similar feel to Lil’ Wayne…but I already feel like there’s more freedom, innovation and creativity happening in “Luxury” than what I’ve heard from Weezy; the potential is certainly there and on instant display in this opening cut.

“NoNewGods” will go on to further the point that this ain’t no regular emcee at work here. To get right into the beat and find your way into the rhythm of “NoNewGods” wouldn’t exactly be easy despite its even tempo and slower-tempo. The music is straight-up insanity…like an old-school videogame glitching-out on repeat…but it WORKS! Seriously…this is new to my ears…I’m loving the beats and samples that are used in the music that VinLa’Infinite rhymes to – but again the real-love for the entire songs comes from his all-out approach to the m-i-c and how he leaves nothing on the table or left behind in his performances. This is a madman let completely loose & wild to run the streets and he’s putting a decidedly rad-spin on Hip-Hop for me right now…really digging this first experience with VinLa’Infinite, I gotta say.

The added aggression he puts into the microphone on “Vigilante” puts a wicked contrast to the rhythm & flow of this track…it’s awesome to listen to from an audiophile’s perspective as the sound bounces & swells in & out as VinLa’Infinite attacks the vocals. It’s a huge beat…”Vigilante” comes out ready to take no prisoners and launches straight into a warpath that threatens to leave nothing but carnage in the wake of the words. Brightening it up with extra samples, rhythm & groove throughout the chorus – the entire track is built largely on contrasting elements that all combine together to form something extremely entertaining built on sounds you couldn’t possibly ignore.

If snitches get stitches…I’d suppose that VinLa’Infinite is taking that all one step further with “Grudges Make Coffins.” The tone to his voice in this one is completely rad…it’s unchained, wild and focused; close to something like B-Real and his ability to just get nuts when the energy requires it – VinLa’Infinite holds nothing back, I’ve been telling you… “Grudges Make Coffins” is another unique sound and innovative beat on Heroes Don’t Exist – it’s been an incredibly versatile & diverse EP throughout its set-list. Great combination of piano-led melody against the grain of the swelling low-end driven bass-beat as VinLa’Infinite ducks, sticks & moves lyrically through the verse like a prizefighter stalks the ring. Vocally he gets bigger, more aggressive and wilder…but this whole EP has also displayed a real control and leash on it all; and as big as it gets…as wild or weird as it gets…it all makes an audible-ton of sense and nothing ever feels contrived or out of place. For the entire scope of what VinLa’Infinite is doing – you gotta recognize that ability he has to make all this sound as accessible as he has for what it is; that’s an indication of talent alone when it comes to textures and atmospheres as decidedly unique as these.

In a final blaze of lyrical-prowess, “Don’t Trip” takes one last confident rip through the intense rhyme/big-beat combo that speeds by in just over two-minutes. Sounding like a high-speed chase in the dark of 3am with a sleek ride blurring the lines of the street and driving you along at a furious pace – “Don’t Trip” makes for a satisfying ending and solid summation to the creativity assembled onto this record. Even when it jams the brakes on 100% towards the end to switch into one final gear, it’s another brilliant move and really makes the music standout for a well-deserved moment at the song/EP’s end.

But it’s been like that…listening to VinLa’Infinite’s Heroes Don’t Exist has been a complete experience of brilliant-twists following innovative-turns for a listening experience that really does sound completely new, fresh & exciting.

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