Untitled Art – “A Fighter’s Heart (Part 2)”

 Untitled Art – “A Fighter’s Heart (Part 2)”

Untitled Art – “A Fighter’s Heart (Part 2)” – Single Review

Last year around June/July, we had the chance to check out the Untitled Art project being put together by musical-mastermind David Sempier through the release of the single/video for “Philly To Long Branch (Part 2)” – the brand-new remix of his song “A Fighter’s Heart” makes a dude like me realize it’s been far too long since we had this guy’s fresh electro-energy on our pages!  “A Fighter’s Heart (Part 2)” extends the life of a solid tune even further…and just as you’d hope, gives it all a hot new spin for the upcoming summer.

Certainly no complaints to be made with this remix – or the video that comes with it for that matter.  When it comes to the music, Untitled Art grabs the essentials from the original tune and revitalizes the entire structure into all-new audio entertainment.  No slips in the performance or production to be had, and combined with the uplifting & empowering spirit of the song – Untitled Art quickly moves & grooves into energetic sounds & dynamic transitions that constantly pull at your attention to listen even closer.  Everything is wildly bright & rhythmic, the hooks are strong; each moment that seems to tick by all-too-quickly is loaded with quality ideas, edits, sounds, & movements that are all impressively high-caliber.  It’s tough to resist the flashy & dazzling electro style of Untitled Art throughout “A Fighter’s Heart (Part 2)” – David has a remarkable ear for sound & definitely understands how to create a genuine good time.

What’s important to note beyond this single here…are the noteworthy influences that are housed within this project.  Seriously – have a look at the official YouTube channel and you’ll see that David’s got a firm grip on how to infuse post-punk into electro in ways that connect.  He and I obviously share an intense love of The Cure…and word on the street has it that Untitled Art is currently working on a unique cover of the massive hit “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division.  While the melancholy moodiness of the post-punk attitude isn’t to be found within the up-tempo vibe & spirited electro-groove of “A Fighter’s Heart (Part 2)” – if you take a look at the video for this single, it does play a significant role.  You’ll notice many of David’s heroes & inspirations from post-punk & many other genres can be found in the imagery displayed onscreen.  Okay, okay, okay – perhaps take SEVERAL looks at the video…with all the wicked effects and glitch-based editing going on, many of the musical references in “A Fighter’s Heart (Part 2)” race by at light-speed…but re-watch it, rewind it, do whatever ya gotta because it does provide more insight into the mind of the musician at work here.  I’m all about subtle clues like this…I mean, the video is stocked FULL of this kind of imagery, but with everything being so tripped out, chopped up and spliced together so artistically, creatively – and FAST…it all becomes like an awesomely abstract collage of influences on the Untitled Art project.  Or at least, that’s the theory I’m going with…for now.

The first real kick-in to that extra layer of audio-awesomeness around the 1:25 mark is an incredibly satisfying switch in the sound that seriously delivers, and the breakdown of this cut around the 2:20 mark is equally impressive in the opposite way.  Showing that Untitled Art can bring the A-game at maximum speed or by stripping it all the way back to the barest of bones – “A Fighter’s Heart (Part 2)” remains a captivating track to experience & listen to at all times, on both its audio & visual levels.  The more you check this one out, the more of a hold it’ll take on ya…and that’s always a great thing.  Enjoy!

Find more music from Untitled Art at the official Soundcloud page:  https://soundcloud.com/untitled_art

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