UD – “Fallen For You”

 UD – “Fallen For You”

UD – “Fallen For You” – Single Review

Stoked to have this dude’s music back up on our pages again!

If you were caught up on the activity here at sleepingbagstudios in August last year here on our pages, you’ll remember being introduced to Mumbai’s own super-producer UD through the single “21 Days.”  And if you weren’t here with us way back when, no worries and no hard feelings at all – we’ve got ya covered – click right here to learn more about his previous single “21 Days” & his video from last year.

At the helm of the studio controls once again, he’s put his production talents to work in ensuring all the right attention to detail is in all the right places for UD’s new single “Fallen For You,” enlisting stellar assistance from a professional music mixologist Diego Fernandes & lead vocalist Cooper M. to help bring the vision of his latest cut to fruition.  Diving deep into a wealth of spectacular sound with crystal clarity & non-stop quality comin’ atcha from the lefts to the rights, this collaborative effort pulls out another remarkable victory for UD’s growing catalog with the pure heartfelt sincerity of “Fallen For You” & its relentless catchiness leading to spectacular repeat-worthy vibes you’ll wanna spin time and time again.

There’s a lot to love about UD’s new single, and in terms of accessibility in sound & mass appeal, believe me, this track will try to love ya right back in return.  No denying what a successful combination of talents these three dudes have achieved in the wild balance of strengths on display throughout “Fallen For You” – everything is locked down as tight as tight can be from the performances to the production.  For real – when you listen, you’ll notice that Cooper M. has a ton of hooks to work with the in the lyrics & melody designed by UD and makes the most of the potential that exists there through a stellar turn on the mic, but you’ll also hear the inspired spark in the music surrounding him in the instrumental EDM breaks rise up to claim its own space in the spotlight with musical hooks that could rival what we hear in the vocals for many listeners out there, myself included.  And that’s a great thing!  It shines a serious light on that same attention to detail I was already referring to, and the care that’s been put into crafting this new UD single…they’ve got this designed so that there’s no space at all where you aren’t completely entertained, and for the full four minutes, they’ll prove that their methods produce results.

Dude’s got a great way of creating uplifting vibes & EDM atmospheres that have gorgeous sentiment at the core – and “Fallen For You” will put that clearly through your speakers right from the start as Cooper M. steps to the mic to sing: “When you’re smiling, my heart comes out of its hiding.”   The highly melodic sweetness in style & sound will continue strong throughout the lyricism, and in tandem with the energy you’ll find shared between the music & vocals, they capture that magic of the feeling of falling in love & the intense ride of emotions, thoughts, questioning, self-doubt, and radiant pure joy of the experience.  While it’s still fair to be said that “Fallen For You” draws on many standards that are tried, tested, and true to the digital realm & EDM style, the flawless assembly, performance, and results can’t be argued with – at the end of the day, they’ve got a completely entertaining single that’s designed to be turned up, stocked & loaded with charming vocals & neon vibes that are 100% guaranteed to please the people.

Plus it’s got an excellent video to support it.  Not only do I love the black & white footage being used here that documents young love right there onscreen in what looks like a perfect first-date type-vibe goin’ on, but the use of color when it shows up and the effects chosen here are all-out fantastic, adding just that right amount of extra flair to enhance the visual magic of this moment to match what we hear in the flow of the design of “Fallen For You.”  It’s all right on target and insightfully paired together, giving UD yet another sonic victory we can all share, with an addition to his catalog that hits home from the screens to the speakers, provides us all with another incredible experience with his uplifting vibes & all-around inspired aura, and showcases a highlight for his undeniably single-worthy sound.

Find out more about UD from his official pages below!

Official Website:  https://udofficial.com

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/iamrealUD

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ud.official.insta

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQRUMEJchEYCdhgAznfHYvA

Apple Music:  https://music.apple.com/in/album/fallen-for-you-single/1559354905

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