Tune Tank – “Innocent Man”

 Tune Tank – “Innocent Man”

Tune Tank – “Innocent Man” – Single Review

Uh-oh…here we go again…it’s getting dangerously to the point here at the page over these past couple days where you’re all about to start questioning my opinion again and assuming I’ve got a positive reaction to everything I hear.  If you’ve been a longtime reader…you already know I’m not worried about that and have demonstrated plenty of examples that speak to the opposite end of that spectrum – but as of late…there’s not much I can do other than express my deep satisfaction and love for the incredible music coming out from all corners of the independent music-scene.  It is what it is, as they say…and besides – do you really wish it was the other way around?

I never would have assumed that Tune Tank would be coming to us from Stockholm, Sweden, so very far away.  I actually ended up looking up this band up for the specific purpose of finding out whether or not they were actually Canadian-based…due to the fact that their music reminds me a lot of bands like The Doughboys and The Killjoys…though it had crossed my mind that perhaps they might be US-based as well with a hook-laden song as strong as the melodies you’d find in Weezer’s music on their first single “Innocent Man” from Tune Tank’s forthcoming album due out later on this year.  It’s exactly scenarios like this that truly go a long, long way to proving just how universal the language of music can be.

“Innocent Man” is the kind of song that makes you want to stand up and cheer for more.  With a bright pop/alternative melody – this band is already generating a solid-buzz around the globe with this new single inspiring reviews popping up all over the place in support of what is really one heck of a song.  A great example of a song that truly blossoms from its verse to chorus – the build-up of this tender-tune is surprisingly satisfying as far as pop-music goes.  Much like we discovered with the music of Jef Joslin only yesterday – this kind of gentle melody is always invited a warm welcome onto our playlists here at sleepingbagstudios.

A love-song at its very core, “Innocent Man” has an excellent sound to the drums, real sparkle to the guitars, solid bass and fantastic harmonies backing up the incredible lead-vocals.  All of these ingredients are fantastic…and they all combine for something even more amazing as the song plays on.  As good as any one individual part might be – this is a song that is born unified…an expression that equals the stunning sum of all their parts, together as one.  Songwriting itself, seems to be a massive star on “Innocent Man” – and even though I’d place this squarely in the pop/rock category of music – I’d also argue that they’ve written a seriously timeless melody here that the people are bound to receive with a huge smile.  “Innocent Man” isn’t going to wear itself thin for me anytime soon…and I can’t imagine that it would for you either – this is a gorgeous song!

Massively addictive hooks in the chorus of an “Innocent Man” – the kind where they haven’t overcomplicated a single inch or second of their song…and Tune Tank comes out completely victorious here with a melody you can’t help but start singing along with right upon those subsequent listens.  Because believe me…there will be many more than one listen to this song if you’re a fan of the purest sounds of pop/rock…”Innocent Man” is like the Lays potato-chips of songs – betcha can’t have just one!

So to hear that there is theoretically even MORE music to come from this band right around the corner…is nothing but a GREAT thing, nevermind a good one!  Hugely impressed with this new-single and I’d be more than happy to hear anything else from this band in the future to come.  Well-constructed, well-written and well-performed – “Innocent Man” is a huge checkmark in the WIN category, guaranteed to put the right spin on your day and a grin hammock-wide onto your face.

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