TreyDon – Soundcloud Singles

 TreyDon – Soundcloud Singles

TreyDon – Singles Reviewed

This is one of the more bizarre ways to review music…but as long as something is coming through the speakers, suppose it’s all good with me! We’ve got a handful of tracks to review from extreme-wordsmith TreyDon…couple of them come from Soundcloud, oddly attached to each other…and the other on the ol’ YouTube channel. I’m pretty sure having to hunt down the music with the extra hassle of two or three more clicks would probably be the pinnacle of ‘first world problems’ – so again…not complaining…happy to get new music into these ears however it wants to come along my way.

We’ll start at Soundcloud, which is currently hosting the cuts “YouShouldRide” and “Alice” – two songs joined at the stem of each other into one long track featured at the site, and looks like the instrumentals that TreyDon is rhyming on are coming produced & ready-to-roll courtesy of PYRMDPLAZA. Jumping into the angelic-strum and plucking that starts out the complex beat that begins “YouShouldRide” – the music quickly shifts around like changing the radio-station at a rapid-fire pace, catching random samples and sounds until just after a minute when TreyDon grips the mic to spit rhymes out at an equal pace to the intense music, or perhaps even beyond at points. It’s pretty tough to tell what would win the intensity-war between the mic & the music on “YouShouldRide” – the verbal-skills of TreyDon make themselves known immediately as he rips through word-after-word and verse-after-verse with professional-precision; and then musically, the beat for this tune is straight outta control at points in combinations like you could never dream up on your own. It almost takes an extra-level of imagination, or a lot longer of a writing process to form a rhyme around a beat like this with as many glitches, switches and changes in direction as the music takes – you’d think it’d be a risk, but the confidence of TreyDon on the mic is complete assurance that this mayhem & madness is right in his wheelhouse.

“Alice” makes sense to be connected to “YouShouldRide” even though tempo, pace and ideas are totally different. That being said…a lot of the tones in the music itself make it so that these two tracks flow together and sound like the cohesive-unit they are. TreyDon once again takes a masterful-grip on the microphone throughout his verse, delivering on-point & on-beat with precision you could set your watch by. “Alice” is much more instrumentally driven overall…the verse almost seems to fly by due to TreyDon’s quickness & skill, but that leaves us with an instrumental that sounds interesting, creative…and slightly wandering. There’s a ton happening in the mix…and in some ways, comparatively to the way that “Alice” starts out…this tune is JAMMED-full by the end of it…for many, it’ll be too much. And even though I’ve said it’s ‘instrumentally-driven’ at points, which it is – but also in a lot of the song, a lot of the sound you’ll hear is actually cleverly-layered vocals that form the melody.

Lastly, we head to the YouTube channel to hear a cut called “Spartan,” which is produced separately by SOLBOI. Is that a thing now? Producers gotta be in all-caps? Way to represent producers…nice work…

It’s clear with “Spartan” that TreyDon certainly knows what he’s looking for to put his words to. Even with a different producer, that same chaotic-nature of the music is prevalent here on “Spartan.” And yeah man…TreyDon…I’m telling ya right now brother-to-brother that this kinda jam is going to be a tall order for the average music-fan’s ears to take on – especially in today’s current fascination with minimalism in music…that whole ‘less is more’ theory. Even though “Spartan” is much more spread-out than the previous two tracks, it’s clear through the music and words that TreyDon falls into the school of thought that firmly believes ‘more is more,’ straight-up. Smartly shifting the energy around though, TreyDon almost rhymes like the male version of Nicki Minaj at the beginning of “Spartan” before it kicks into gear around the two-minute mark and TD starts to take flight. Definitely a talented rapper…I’m curious as to what drives this guy…lots going on here in terms of ideas and skill, execution and creativity. There’s not really anything typical about TreyDon or his music…and that’s the kind of thing that could truly pay off for the guy as his following continues to build. The people that ‘get it’ are going to be there listening to this unique rhymer right away…and there’ll be room for plenty more as the years go on…a creative artist like TreyDon never quits – he’ll be making music in his signature style for years to come.

And for the record…you can get all these jams at one place, I was just giving my man TreyDon a hard time just because… Check out his official page at Soundcloud here:

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