Tolani – “Super Lover”

 Tolani – “Super Lover”

Bringing a stylistic dose of genuine culture to your speakers & screens, Afrobeat artist Tolani has returned in early 2021 with a brand-new single called “Super Lover” for all to enjoy.  With his highly rhythmic & relentlessly catchy vibes, Tolani makes a quick impression on listeners through the authenticity and the endless catchiness you’ll find in the sound he’s layin’ down.  Already racking up thousands-upon-thousands of hits, clicks, and views of “Super Lover” since its official release in the first week of January this year – it’s crystal clear that the people out there are connecting to the relevant style Tolani brings to the music-scene right now, and the growing enthusiasm & buzz surrounding his music is sure to fuel his inspiration even more over these next years to follow.  Dude has a ton of character & charisma, and combined with his desire to entertain & move the bodies & souls out there listening, Tolani stands out with all the right talent & his passion in the right place to lead him straight to the success his music & efforts deserve.  A confident & capable artist with the ability to create chilled-out cuts & stellar melodies that’ll give the party a reason to keep goin’ long & strong, or provide you with the perfect moment to turn the lights down low to share the night with that special someone – Tolani’s got something to start 2021 off on all the right notes for ya – check out “Super Lover” for yourself below!

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