Titchy – “Tell Me You Love Me”

 Titchy – “Tell Me You Love Me”

Titchy – “Tell Me You Love Me” – Music Video Post

Sad but soothing…” – what a great description of Titchy’s music!  It’s a quote found right there in her bio online that’ll give you a bit of a snapshot glimpse into one of the many aspects that make up the DNA of her exquisitely expressive sound, though keep in mind, Titchy’s certain to reveal many more dimensions of her art & music to come over the years to follow.  She’s been having an incredible year with her debut songs making their way out into the world, including her breakout first cut “What If,” which has already gone on to rack up a quick 50K+ hits, views & listens, between her pages at Spotify & YouTube alone in just three-month’s time since its mid-summer release – and Titchy is back in action to follow it up & keep the momentum of her music & career surging in the right direction as 2021 makes its way into the final quarter; her brand-new single/video for “Tell Me You Love Me” is officially out now!

Unafraid to dive into the thick of deep emotional concepts like you’ll find in “Tell Me You Love Me” that takes listeners and viewers on a journey into the darker-side of Alt/Pop/R&B – Titchy sounds sensational with her soulful vocals, and almost can’t seem to help but brighten-up the whole vibe with her naturally radiant voice.  Giving us a massive range of stylistic & evocative sound as a result – you’ll not only be enamored with Titchy’s spectacular vocals, but equally impressed visually by the compelling video supporting “Tell Me You Love Me” & the genuine art she’s created to pair with her new single onscreen.  Clearly an artist with the X-factor that’s already ready to level-up, and destined to reach international success with the talent she possesses – Titchy’s work-ethic and determination behind the scenes is full proof she’s making big moves beyond the music to make her dreams come true; in fact she completely relocated to Los Angeles from her home in the UK where she was originally born and raised.  Now immersed in studies at the musician’s institute & refining her remarkable talents even further as she steps into the spotlight at the very same time – Titchy’s rise to number one on charts & playlists around the world is 100% inevitable – and you’ll know that’s true based on what you both see & hear in her new single/video for “Tell Me You Love Me.”

Expertly directed by Ron Geffen at Rockland Studio, Titchy is as bold as she is beautiful, taking the starring role in a video that explores powerfully moving, heartbreaking emotions and the desire to be loved.  Not only does Titchy deliver on an exceptionally spellbinding performance through her vocals, the music surrounding her is every bit as vibrantly impressive & produced to perfection – and combined with the supremely artistic & stellar new video she’s got supporting “Tell Me You Love Me,” she’s definitely heading towards a strong finish in her debut year, with a new single that could verifiably take her straight to the top before 2021 is even over!  There’s no doubt that Titchy is resonating with the heart & minds listening worldwide – the evidence is right there in the numbers as she stacks up thousands-upon-thousands of hits daily; she’s making music that speaks to your soul, with passion, poise, integrity, a stunning voice, and a breathtakingly fresh artistic perspective.

Find out more about Titchy at her official websites below!

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/titchymusic

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Titchymusic

ReverbNation:  https://www.reverbnation.com/titchymusic

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/3AoZqsM3M2W6UPmCOFu6FJ

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx4lgeEn7kftXOcJZCKugTQ

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