Thelma Ball – “Toys”

 Thelma Ball – “Toys”

Thelma Ball – “Toys” – Single Review

Hey.  Take this to heart – no one out there does Thelma Ball like Thelma Ball does Thelma Ball.

All kidding aside, there’s never been anything less than a stellar tune that’s come out from this band since I started listening, and true to form, they return here in 2020 with another solid cut that reveals just how dialed they are into their sound & tapping into the vibes that make’em connect strong with us.  There’s always been a playful aspect to the music & videos of Thelma Ball…and that certainly works to their advantage when it comes to this nostalgic longing for simpler times, when “Toys” ruled the earth.

Or to spell it out directly, being an adult can sure suck sometimes and have us wanting to go back to when things weren’t so complicated.  Gimme a set of blocks & shapes any day and I’ll happily sit & show ya how to fit the square through the square hole, or bang that plastic nail down tight with my big plastic hammer while I’m fixing my plastic house, or bruise my palms playing Hungry Hungry Hippos & tryin’ to get that lil green bastard to eat more than the other three colors of Hippos available…all of these things from trying to pick up a funny bone without touching the sides in Operation to blowing up someone’s Battleship with visible signs of glee & no remorse…all of these things I love & miss myself too.  So I hear ya Thelma Ball…any of these options would be better than heading on out to the next shift at the ol’ 9-5.

With their signature lo-fi edge and decisive switches from verse to chorus & back again, they surge with sound that couldn’t be mistaken for any other but their own.  “Toys” is a solid metaphor to go explorin’ and use to represent that feeling of being exhausted, overtired, overburdened, and all-around beat, while also pointing out that the spark of youth is the state of mind we should all still be seeking.  Or at least…this is the way I’m hearin’ it…maybe you’ve got a different interpretation…regardless, I think we’ll all agree that Thelma Ball has latched right onto another highly addictive set of vibes for their new song.

Each time they rip back onto my playlist I find myself more than satisfied with what I hear, and more impressed with just how completely distinct the sound of Thelma Ball really is.  “Toys” is further confirmation that they’re doing their own thing & doin’ it damn well – the versatile rhythm & groove of this single will supply ya with plenty of memorable hooks from verse to chorus and an absolutely killer guitar solo that’s not to be missed in between it all.  Short AF at about 2:20 in length, you’d almost assume the minimal length would be a factor, but it’s sincerely just not when it comes to Thelma Ball – they’ve got an authentic knack for pumping out maximum entertainment in whatever space you got.

All of their efforts are gonna pay off big-time though folks, you mark my words.  As I’ve said many times on these pages of ours, it can take a lifetime or more to discover a truly signature sound, and Thelma Ball has beat the odds on that savagely by finding their own so early on into their career.  Essentially, if you like one of their songs, you’re bound to dig the rest just as much – they’re that recognizable when it comes to their music, and that kind of identity in music is an asset that the vast majority just don’t have.  “Toys” is strong confirmation that they’re on the right path and continuing to explore what really works for the band as a whole when it comes to their style & sound; it’s every bit as addictive & entertaining as we’ve come to expect them to be.  Awesome punch & energy in the drums, smooth & stylistic vocals, rumblin’ & rhythmic bass-lines, and mind-bending guitar tones in the mix for ya – Thelma Ball has written another clever gem to add to a quickly growing catalog that continually reveals just how ready they are for that next level.  If the guitar solo on this single alone doesn’t convince ya these guys were born to be out there on stages across the globe then I don’t know what could – Thelma Ball brings the entertainment to ya crunchy & catchy – and there’s not a doubt you’ll spin “Toys” several times over.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be spinning this single in advance for DAYS!  Jealous?  You should be, but you don’t HAVE to be anymore – the new single “Toys” by Thelma Ball just came out today online in all the places that great music exists.  Find out more about Thelma Ball at their official homepage at:

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