TheLizardKing – “FromTheExotismToTheFuture&Beyond [Part2]”

 TheLizardKing – “FromTheExotismToTheFuture&Beyond [Part2]”

TheLizardKing – “FromTheExotismToTheFuture&Beyond [Part2]” – Audio Release/Review

Here’s a trip worth taking!

Whether it’s still your Friday night or the rage continues on into your Saturday morning, TheLizardKing is here to supply you with a sonic odyssey that’ll keep the party going.  Stocked full of texture and technique, the new mix weighing-in at nearly an hour & ten-minutes contains a vibrantly expressive electro design that moves sleekly, slicky, and stylistically through a wildly colorful & imaginative set of sounds.  Structured to deliver and executed with an expert hand, TheLizardKing has assembled an entire lineup of unforgettable moments into one massive mix – “FromTheExotismToTheFuture&Beyond [Part2]” is out there and available now – you don’t wanna miss out on this!

The whole length of this track sounds remarkably inspired and seriously stunning.  Chances are, that’s all coming from a very legit and very real place of inspiration – TheLizardKing has been having an absolutely killer year, breaking out even further into the scene and taking his entire career into new highlights in 2018.  Dude’s a true mogul in every sense of the word, handling his business like a pro and getting his innovative abilities and electro-talents noticed – put it to you this way; TheLizardKing’s side-project right now is working on TheZooProject IBIZA.  You feeling me people?  That’s what he does on the SIDE.  To say he’s busy would be to put it beyond mildly – he’s constantly recording new material, he’s getting a brand-new podcast up & running, and he’s also got, you know, an entire music-label to run as well.  NBD right?  You can hear the attention to detail that TheLizardKing takes to his life within the layers of intricate electro cuts transitioning flawlessly in the music of “FromTheExotismToTheFuture&Beyond [Part2]” – it’s the kind of ambitious mix that reveals the true passion of the artist behind the monitors.

Described on the posting as ‘a mix that represents the few that have experienced the cruel ‘depths of despair’ but always found a way out in the end, and can now look forward to a happier, healthier and more prosperous future‘ – there’s no limit to the emotional depths you can reach in this new mix from TheLizardKing.  You can enjoy it entirely on a surface-level and get into the dynamic sound & style of this electro-wizard with ease – or you can let yourself go & get right into the music to allow yourself the ability to experience this journey through TheLizardKing’s perspective.  You can hear the dark of despair, you can hear the light of hope – but perhaps most importantly, you can hear the impeccable balance and control of a serious professional at work.  When it’s time for the energy, TheLizardKing is ready to supply; when it’s time to break it all down, he can smooth out sound like glass and slide it right through your speakers and into your soul.  A masterful use of contrast and cohesion, “FromTheExotismToTheFuture&Beyond [Part2]” is a wicked example of the high-quality audio adventures this electro-artist is so confidently capable of…no joke, there’s really not many better ways I can think of to spend a full hour-plus than listening to this at the maximum volume your system will allow.  Brilliant use of samples and an impressively widespread set of appealing, charismatic, and alluring sound – TheLizardKing is clearly firing on all cylinders this year with his game on-point – this mix is all the proof your ears should need to verify that fact.

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