The World Provider – “Everything”

 The World Provider – “Everything”

The World Provider – “Everything” – Music Video Release/Review

Fantastic art at work here through the stunning video/single combination goin’ on here from The World Provider and a whole host of talented people collaborating in support on “Everything.”  From the video’s direction by Adam Traynor, the editing of Kara Blake, the art direction of Thea Metcalfe, and the camera work by Jules de Niverville – you’ve gotta admire how beautiful this indie-folk-pop tune ends up looking onscreen.  Vibe-wise, a tune like “Everything” is bound to remind you of artistically-inclined bands like Sparklehorse with its sweet & humble sound, perfectly brought to life onscreen in a simplistic setting that’s remarkably well-executed all-around.  You’ll see The World Provider take “Everything” from a nearly colorless and lonely environment to waking up from the dark to fill the world with prism-filled colors soaring through a visually gorgeous series of images on display…perhaps only to slip back into the day-dream our main character was in at the beginning by the end…perhaps choosing to stay in a more exciting & bright world he’s created in his mind.  There will be theories abound when it comes to what the ultimate meanings are & a ton of interpretations on what exactly is taking place – and I love that versatility in between all our perspectives – this video encourages that in many ways.  It could very well be about looking at life through a unique lens to discover the differences & beauty that have always been there & surrounding us…ultimately pointing out in its own way, that we have access to those points of light in life any time we want to close our eyes & go there…even if it’s only in our minds…

From the sweet tones of the bass, the gentle acoustic guitars and twinkling piano, “Everything” displays a uniquely innocent sound and subtly expressive, emotionally powerful tune.  Have a good listen to these words from The World Provider – many of you out there will probably relate a whole lot more to some of these scattered thoughts, feelings of nostalgia, and internal reflection more than you know!  It’s truly a tender tune on all-levels…”Everything” hits that mark between sweetness & melancholy spot-on, while The World Provider makes multiple objective observations on how life has gone throughout the years, more often than not looking back on the past to reveal intimate details, memories, & experiences that still have an impact on them today.  The results end up being exquisitely charming in the strangest of ways…this entire song plays like an audible dream of sorts, displaying an entire range of emotions that are sometimes sweet & sometimes sad – but because these are all feelings we can all relate to deep down inside.  Due to the honesty in which this entire song is approached with…it kind of fills you with this innocent wonder that’s oddly comforting, warm, and inviting.  Almost like a welcome invitation to slip softly into the music of this band based out of Montreal and reflect on your own life choices & the events that made you who you are today, wherever you are, and allowing you to escape into your own mind’s slideshow of memories & gorgeous colors, much like you see happening with band-leader Malcolm Fraser in the video.

Expertly produced by Murray Lightburn, who has really found a way to bring the humbleness in this tune straight to the surface in a beautiful way – and featuring the one and only Chilly Gonzales on the piano that sweetens the melody, “Everything” comes together brilliantly from song to video here.  I think The World Provider has a wonderfully engaging sound, a captivating song, and a fantastic video to support it that likely echoes a lot of the artistic merit and indie spirit you’ll find on the Old Dreams EP, where you’ll find this single in the setlist.  That’s not the whole story though – according to their pages online and what I’ve listened to myself, you’ll find lots of versatility & variety in The World Provider.  They’ve been creating Anthemic Pop & Dirty Synth Rock for some time now…so this lead-single very well might be the lighter side of their sound when it comes to this particular tune from their 6th studio record.  In any event, the gentle sway of “Everything” is soul-soothing in all the right ways – I think The World Provider has got a truly beautiful song/video combination that speaks volumes on their behalf & a spectacularly subtle and sweet sound here that’s bound to connect to the hearts & minds of many out there – I know it certainly caught mine.

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