The Samhain Hot – “Dance By The Scarecrow”

 The Samhain Hot – “Dance By The Scarecrow”

The Samhain Hot – “Dance By The Scarecrow” – Music Video Post

I know what you’re thinking.  “Dance By The Scarecrow?”

To which I propose – why NOT “Dance By The Scarecrow?”  As a person that has no moves worthy of busting out on an actual club dance floor…I’m just sayin’ – I’d probably be more comfortable dancing by a scarecrow myself, far away from the public view, where I can hide the shame of what I’m sure would be a complete & total lack of biological rhythm.  So sure – “Dance By The Scarecrow” – or wherever it is you’re feelin’ it y’all.

The Samhain Hot has been doin’ this thing for what appears to be about two or three years now from what I can find released online.  This particular cut comes from his latest mixtape in 2021 called Wicked Summer, which is out & available now, and contains a huge lineup of nineteen tracks in the set-list.  As far as “Dance By The Scarecrow” is concerned, you can really hear how The Samhain Hot has a massive understanding of not what makes a hook work, but where to find the right space for it to land inside of a song to make the impact it should.  Flashy & stylistic – The Samhain Hot is rockin’ with what he’s self-described as “Pop Fantasy with Horrorcore” – it might be much more rare to find anything labeled Horrorcore that’s outside of the ol’ Death Metal side of sound, but they do exist – here we are, and that is indeed the case.  You’d wanna be thinking closer to the lines of something like The Weeknd when it comes to the vibe of a song like “Dance By The Scarecrow” – the writing and hooks all have that same mega-hit potential for sure, and combined with the synth-led sounds driving the beat The Samhain Hot is singing to, the comparisons definitely become noticeable.  Is The Weeknd good company to be keeping these days?  Jeez…I dunno folks – ask the man’s bank account perhaps…I’m sure it’d tell ya that he’s doing just fine; but even if that’s the case, you never know…he might just be lookin’ for a song like this one here by The Samhain Hot too – I’d start makin’ some calls & shoppin’ this around brother!  No doubt that the man is onto something verifiably catchy with “Dance By The Scarecrow” that shows a lot of clever craft in the writing and the kind of unique material that’s on-point thematically, and loaded with catchy hooks to enjoy.

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