The Other Colors – “Who Am I?”

 The Other Colors – “Who Am I?”

The Other Colors – “Who Am I?” – Single Review

Here’s what I know…it’s been far too long since we had the experimental electro art/music project known as The Other Colors on our pages!  Glad to have them back here – it was actually in 2014 when we last reviewed their music, when I checked out their album O.R and first latched onto their artistic approach & vibrant perspective on sound itself.  Since then – looks like they’ve gone on to release a couple full-length records with Tout m’est égal in 2015 and more recently, the album 2017 in 2017.  So make no mistake…they’ve been plenty active in the time they’ve been away from us here…I’m just doing my best to communicate how glad I am to have the quirky electro sound of The Other Colors back here in our corner of the internet, back with a fantastic brand-new single they’re calling “Who Am I?”

If you like unique, different, artistic sounds and music that are off the beaten-path of the mainstream & doing its own thing proudly – The Other Colors have always been incredible advocates of that kind of creative expression and freedom within their songs & style.  Embracing their music with confidence, The Other Colors are capable of making you move just as much as making you think, challenging the mind while laying down rich electro-grooves that drip with glowing textures that stand out along the way.  In respect to that – I don’t think anyone out there could describe their music any better than they have themselves on their main website, it reads:  “Today’s Noise, Tomorrow’s Music.”  Honestly, that’s incredibly insightful.  With the highly artistic qualities and overall vibe you’ll find in the music of The Other Colors, there’s a good chance they’re still light-years ahead of their time…which is all the more reason to appreciate what we’ve got coming out from them right NOW.

If I may make one other humble recommendation…it’s that when you push play on “Who Am I?,” you should also do yourself the favor of opening up their homepage at and take a moment to appreciate the incredible level of art going on there too.  Even their page at Facebook has tripped-out visuals to look at…and what can I say…you get completely lost right into these images as they move, shift, & transform…in my opinion, just having their website open is better than 99% of the videos you’ll find out there!  But in a sense…it’s almost to be expected from this crew from Paris – the commitment to art has always run extremely deep from all aspects of The Other Colors and clearly continues to do so today from what I can see & what I can hear on their new single “Who Am I?”

Marie Möör with her stunning vocals and the ever reliable Laurent Chambert back at the electro-boards have once again found a way to sincerely entertain with the bright groove & melody on “Who Am I?”  Approaching this cut in a bilingual way, you get a bit of English & a lot more French, but you also get a humble mix of sweetness & mystery in the way that Marie chooses to perform this song, which works out incredibly well in their favor.  While you get a killer robotic-rhythm in the electro-music as Marie starts the song out with the relentlessly catchy hooks on “Who Am I?” before letting her vocals shine even further through the spoken word that follows.  The structure and sound of this song is 100% rad and highly stylistic…the placement, the flow, the storming low-end beat that fuels the music through the verse and the near-whisper that Marie delivers her words with all adds up to a seriously entertaining experience for the ears.  You don’t need to be fluent in both languages to appreciate this…Laurent’s chosen wisely and included sounds in the electro that leap from the speakers like they’re practically 3D, and Marie’s highly versatile performance on “Who Am I?” adds the perfect complement in sound, tone, and style to what’s happening throughout the music.  She brings the energy up right where it needs to go for the hooks of the chorus, and the whispered/spoken-word poetry of the verse is put forth on the mic like an ASMR recording where you want to make sure you listen closely to every second she has to offer…the sheer sound of her voice is continuously captivating, charismatic, and charming.

Not that we’d expect anything less from The Other Colors – they’re an endlessly creative project that always delivers something compelling & passionate, committed & focused – “Who Am I?” shows that they certainly haven’t lost an inch of their appeal or uniqueness…that they’re still at the top of their game.  Always a complete pleasure to listen to The Other Colors and “Who Am I?” is another excellent example of why that truly is – they’re a breath of fresh air in music that really doesn’t come along every day…they’re that different from the rest of what’s out there and in the best of ways.  And besides that, each time they do pop up, they revitalize the genre with another set of incredible ideas that shine a spotlight on artistic integrity, high-quality sound, and the true bliss of creative freedom – who wouldn’t want to check that out?  The duo has done it again – “Who Am I?” is seriously rad electro/art fusion.

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