The New Starts Now – “Love And Secrets”

 The New Starts Now – “Love And Secrets”

The New Starts Now – “Love And Secrets” – Music Video Release/Review

Inviting vibes from The New Starts Now, a solo project from singer/songwriter Jon, that aims to bring a bit more positivity into this world through comforting & expressive music that people can relate to.

When you read about this project online, you’ll see messages designed to inspire – like how the very mission statement of this band is right there on the homepage, it reads:  “The New Starts Now stands as a reminder that no matter what you’ve done, gone through, or where you’ve been – there is always hope and promise ahead.”  Through the endearing Indie/Folk/Pop sound of the debut single “Love And Secrets” – you can hear the multiple reasons that The New Starts Now will appeal to the masses out there and how Jon connects the meanings in his words to the sincerity of his sound, which is key.  And as you’ll see in the video for the debut single “Love And Secrets” below, he’s also able to connect his own passion for music & making the world a better place through the humble authenticity he has onscreen.  Set amidst a nostalgic tale of life & love in a video filmed & edited magnificently by Nick Stetina, “Love And Secrets” comes vibrantly to the screen, showing the highlights of moments shared between two souls as they have all kinds of fun falling in love together, taking snapshots to document their time together along the way.  Many of you out there can already relate to a concept like that…the photos we take are our gateway into the past and give us the ability to go back there in our minds & hearts whenever we want to – and I’d imagine a lot of what you’ll see at the end of this video speaks to that.  I felt like the story told here was exceptionally well put together, clear, and fit the song extremely well; The New Starts Now sings this tune with genuine passion, beautiful tones, and warm energy that you can feel within you, encouraging you to raise your own voice and sing along with the hooks & melody.

See what I’m saying?  It’d be hard not to pick up on the uplifting vibes from Jon in The New Starts Now – seems like a very earnest & sincere artist that has a genuine gift for communicating emotion & melody through his music, vocals, & songwriting…and that’s always going to connect strongly with the people out there…because you can both hear in the song and see onscreen in the video, that this all means something to him.  Not just “Love And Secrets” – but the art of making music itself and the opportunity to share it with others – that’s going to resonate with many folks out there…it’s the quality in an artist that can bring people on the outside of the genre into it by how genuine Jon is.  From his spot over there in Chicago where he’s based out of, the man is looking to shed a little light on this world – and it’s through the heart in a song like “Love And Secrets” that you can tell he’s already succeeding greatly in the mission he’s taken on.

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