The Moody Caterpillars – Beating Heart

 The Moody Caterpillars – Beating Heart

The Moody Caterpillars – Beating Heart – EP Review

Well then! New Dehli – hello and WELCOME! Is this what you’ve sounded like all along? If that’s the case I am extraordinarily thankful for The Moody Caterpillars introducing us to the music-scene in India through their latest record, the Beating Heart EP. Having no idea whatsoever as to what I could expect, this set of four songs smashed every expectation I could have had going into listening and surpassed my wildest hopes for what might have come through the speakers today at sleepingbagstudios.

Impressive through both the music and vocals, the beautiful melody of “I Feel Love” starts this Beating Heart EP with fantastic vocal harmonies and gentle acoustic guitar accompanied by string-like synth elements that tie the two main aspects of this song together perfectly. Clever, sweet & sincere lyrics to the tender tones of “I Feel Love” match the energy and emotion with innovative & subtle hooks taken straight out of dreamland and recorded by The Moody Caterpillars. Seriously…this duo has impressed me from this very beginning and having heard Beating Heart multiple times now…I can also tell you this EP never once became any less impressive than this heartfelt and precision-perfect opening in “I Feel Love;” in many ways this duo of Jishnu Banerjee and Ratnang Singh continue to expand and evolve their simple indie-pop melodies to incredible places throughout the songs to come.

I mean for real – if you can’t at least crack a bit of a smile, feel a little more bounce in your step, or feel the need to call your loved ones after listening to “Spring Without A Zephyr” you have a heart made entirely of stone. This sweet tune absolutely packs in an audible cuteness that’s as adorable as the puppy you want from the pet store. Really expressive guitar in this song…overall it reminds me much of Josh Rouse and his chilled-out, relaxed and melodic vibe. Let’s face it…chances of a fight breaking out at a show from The Moody Caterpillars would be next to impossible; this is the kind of music you just have to get along with. The old-time melodies that dominate the chorus in a sweet 1950’s-ish kind of style are unbelievably charming and sweet…no words can express just how truly impressed I am with the recording and performance here…the vocals and flow are all just as perfect as perfect comes.

A clever departure from the overall beauty to dive into a little more of a hypnotic rhythm & beat, almost theatrical in amongst all its subtle nature, “Beating Heart” is largely based in love but this time it carries an eerie, haunting feeling to the melody. Full of questions, these lyrics come through perfectly in the low-key delivery…almost Oasis-ish in nature somewhat…or The Beatles of course. Building upon the slow-groove, The Moody Caterpillars descend into madness through the vocals and guitars as the track shimmies along the edges of pop, threatening to rock fully at any given moment.

Here at the end of the EP…”Mackerel Sky” is as good as music can possibly get for me. I LOVE this melody! Perfect vocals once again at their harmonious-best find their best flows yet on Beating Heart as this song winds slowly through the gorgeous main hooks, floating you away completely into the atmosphere they’ve created perfectly for you. Its serene, captivating and sweet sounds nearly fade out towards the three-and-a-half minute mark before The Moody Caterpillars decide to light up the EP with an energy not seen on the album thus far. Taking the pop-edge of their indie sound and riding the guitars through amped-up tones and bending notes right to the very end of “Mackerel Sky,” The Moody Caterpillars soar to the end of their Beating Heart EP.

Fantastic effort from these two talented musicians combining their skills in perfect harmony here on The Moody Caterpillars new songs…I’d say this is definitely music for those with a sweet-tooth and love the endearing emotions found in indie music. For me, the Beating Heart EP is a complete winner and stunning achievement in beautiful sounds.

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