The Love Theme – “Curly Hair”

 The Love Theme – “Curly Hair”

The Love Theme – “Curly Hair” – Single Review

Get UP for this single listeners…The Love Theme gonna make ya bust some moves with this one.

I believe if I’m not mistaken here, we got our first taste of what The Love Theme can do back in early 2018 through a remix of a cut called “Dope Pusha” from artist Dominic Owen.  Not only did I dig on what The Love Theme could bring to a song then, apparently not much has changed in my opinion now – this project’s got the right vibes for sure – and this new single “Curly Hair” will more than prove that to ya.

I mean…this is just a straight-up celebration of vibrant sound from the lefts to the rights y’all – you’d pretty much have to be made of the purest of steel to resist this groove that The Love Theme creates so expertly on “Curly Hair.”  You’re not gonna find me complaining, that’s for sure – I love the violin samples, the vocals from featured guest Colin Cooper (The Climax Blues Band) are spectacular – the vocals samples in the mix are just about equally cool, the beat is jammin’ – you can’t really ask for more, nor should you want any more than what you’ll get from The Love Theme on this new single!  Like, when it comes to music, you won’t find someone greedier than me…if there was a way to put MORE into this cut to make it any better than it is, I’d have no problem in calling it out & demanding it – the facts are that The Love Theme tightens every corner here from production to performance & checks every box to ensure a solid, inarguable, relentlessly catchy WIN with “Curly Hair.”  Plus, if I’m being honest…in a world where we all gotta write about something or create a theme somehow in our music & art…there’s an advantage to making a cut about “Curly Hair” – it’s just enough off the beaten-path to stand out in that sense…I mean c’mon, when was the last time you remember a song being centered around a hairstyle right?  Believe it or not, it can be these anti-typical ideas that spark the hottest fires out there on the internet…and when you back it all up like this with such solid attention to detail & remarkable sound comin’ atcha at all times – it goes beyond a clever & fun concept into a cut you’ll genuinely bump.

Let me tell ya, this cut is structurally sound as it gets.  From the opening applause, to the introduction of the vocals & samples, to the impact of that first major transition just prior to the fifty-second mark, & the way the classical instrumentation fits so well with the beat & vibe…just ain’t no arguin’ it, this came together just as well as you’d hope it would by the end, living up to the high-standards of the first impression set right from the drop by The Love Theme on “Curly Hair.”  The brightness in the sound, the continually interesting way that new elements are introduced, added, subtracted, the truly noteworthy production & mix throughout “Curly Hair” – everything stacks up BIG to a track that’ll keep you engaged.

By far the largest asset, beyond any (of which there are audibly DOZENS to choose from in this one song), is the fun factor here…and if I was The Love Theme, I’d keep flexin’ in that direction, ya feel me?  Not only does the upbeat sound fit The Love Theme like a glove, but it’s actually a seriously refreshing alternative to so much of what’s out there right now.  Music is always in a state of flux in that respect – but for all of us as listeners, that need to chill out for a moment or two to recharge & unwind is a constant we all share – & having this as your soundtrack to make that happen would be a very good call.  The lighthearted approach to a track like “Curly Hair” practically comes with a welcome mat in front of your speakers, inviting you in to listen through stunningly warm, all-out fun, and supremely catchy vibes.

Sound-selection, timing, and hooks lead the way to an endlessly interesting & massively fun single from The Love Theme that really only leaves you with one question at the end when all is said & done…

…and that’s what’s not to like?  Absolutely dig this cut – this is wall-to-wall solid stuff, all around, in surround sound straight from the underground cool cats…you’ll dig this just as much as I do.

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