The Keymakers – “Insomniac” (Live Sessions)

 The Keymakers – “Insomniac” (Live Sessions)

As a dude that’s been in two-man unit for years now myself – I can tell ya firsthand I am absolutely STOKED on what I’m seeing/hearing in this new Live Sessions video from The Keymakers for their single “Insomniac” – this is how you get it DONE!  Late-nights in the studio are what it’s all about – you musicians out there know that’s a fact – watch The Keymakers thrive in their own setup and create a cut on the fly LIVE for all a y’all and you’ll see just how much they’re into it.  And not only are they taking hold of this moment, but they’ve actually got an extremely killer cut on their hands and a fully single-worthy video goin’ on here – which for any of you out there that have attempted the live-vid before, you know ain’t exactly all easy to do at once.  The Keymakers make it all look as FUN as music is supposed to be and DAMN do they sound good doin’ it!  From the amazing electro-beats & keyboard melodies they create to the brilliant infusion of the saxophone into the mix and the exceptional vocals to go along with it…not a single doubt about it to me, these two guys have seriously got the vibe and they’re on their way to an incredible future in music.  I’m massively excited about The Keymakers – take a look/listen to what they’re capable of on their new single for “Insomniac” (Live Sessions) below!

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