The Jonezes – “Grateful”

 The Jonezes – “Grateful”

The Jonezes – “Grateful” – Music Video Post

A couple for 10 years, The Jonezes are committed to telling the story of true love and real life.

Well now…you gotta dig ambitions like that now don’t ya?  The Jonezes make it easy to love what they’ve got goin’ on, and that’s because you can clearly tell it comes from a very real place and a magic they genuinely share between them.  To read about it is one thing of course, but you’ll get to see that love in action onscreen in the new video they’ve dropped online for their single “Grateful” with these two beautiful souls surrounded by gorgeously soothing serenity from every angle, sight to sound.  Vibin’ on the paradise to be found on location in Bora Bora, “Grateful” is an authentic expression of love with a relevant sound that hearts & minds will surely connect with.  Rarely do you find artists this willing to invite you in on the inside of who they really are – The Jonezes bring a personal touch to their music and aura that’s remarkably real, inviting, and welcoming to listen to – they’re proud of the love they share & songs like “Grateful” give us the privilege & honor of being able to share a moment of it along with’em.

I’ve always maintained that the more YOU there is in the music YOU make, the stronger the connection we discover as listeners – and The Jonezes exemplify that perfectly.  Let’s be real here – “Grateful” is a low-key & mellow cut – but it’s because of who The Jonezes are, their natural personality, the unity they display in the scenes of their video…these are the elements that really get us excited about what they do, because it’s all as completely unfiltered, real, and as genuine as you’ve ever seen & heard love to be.  Plus, I mean…c’mon y’all – they’re in BORA BORA and everything you’ll see looks freakin’ spectacular!  It’d definitely be tough not to be “Grateful” to begin with, considering the beautiful place they’re in and sharing this special moment with the one they love most, but perhaps the very best thing that can ever be said about The Jonezes is the fact that they ARE “Grateful” – as listeners & watchers, we see it, we hear it, and we know it’s true.  Solid single, stellar video…the stars of the show are grounded, humble, down-to-earth & real amidst the dreamy vibes of their new song – they reveal the beauty in the love they share together & let us all in on one of the many adventures they’ve had and another experience they’re “Grateful” for.

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