The Golden Cage Society – “Mira El Mar”

 The Golden Cage Society – “Mira El Mar”

The Golden Cage Society – “Mira El Mar” – Music Video Release/Review

This new single from The Golden Cage Society is the perfect way to come back from our break and start up this music machine of ours here at sleepingbagstudios, yessir – “Mira El Mar” completely slays!  100% stoked on what I’m hearing from this band based out of Leipzig, Germany, and my gut tells me that I’m definitely not going to be alone in that assessment.  They’ve got an EP called Mira being released just around the corner on February 7th this year, and a lead-single that’s powerful & enticing in all the right ways that are guaranteed to draw the people in & retain their attention & loyalty through killer sound.

For real folks, there’s a lot for us to be impressed by, and a whole lot that this band should be extremely proud of.  Listening to the seven & a half-minutes of this lead-single “Mira El Mar” is just as much of a pure confirmation of their talent & dedication to their craft as is it all-out entertaining for us to listen to.  Stocked wall-to-wall with brilliant musicianship that fuels the insatiable mix tension, drama, and passion that rip from the lefts to the rights of your speakers & sound-systems – “Mira El Mar” is the kind of cutting edge breakthrough that’s bound to get noticed, because no stone has been left unturned when it comes to the writing, production, performance, or execution.  This single is a perfect gateway into the music of The Golden Cage Society; “Mira El Mar” will have you wanting a whole lot MORE from this 3-piece band consisting of the exceptional talents of Lutz Leukhardt, Max Schönknecht, & Cornelius Miller.

Honestly, I’m completely stunned by this single…and like I’ve been saying, I won’t be alone in feeling that way; it’d be virtually impossible to not notice just how much effort & skill have been put forth here on “Mira El Mar” by The Golden Cage Society.  From the song itself to the extraordinary video they’ve got supporting it, The Golden Cage Society prove they’re ready to make their mark in music’s history and have a very bright future ahead of them.  Because you see dear readers, dear friends, the Mira EP is the DEBUT record from this crew…and if they sound THIS incredible already…I’m tellin’ ya, they’ve got every reason to believe in the music they’re making and their ability to take this band to the limits & beyond.  The instrumentation & musicianship is off-the-charts cool, and the overall composition, structure, and sound of “Mira El Mar” should rightly blow your mind…especially considering this is a debut…it is more than clear that The Golden Cage Society is set for a MASSIVE year of success in 2020 with the official release of the Mira EP and have discovered something savagely special within the vision they share.  “Mira El Mar” is wickedly complex & intricate, yet never gets bogged down by the remarkable amount of detail in the music – in fact, it’s fully fueled by it; this is a video/single that never stops entertaining you from the moment it starts and immerses you completely in a world of sound you’ll never want to leave.

With a haunting video expertly directed by based out of Lisbon, Portugal, and a song that’s powerful enough to reach right around the globe to listeners worldwide, The Golden Cage Society is ready to rock through 2020 & establish themselves firmly within the independent music-scene this year.  “Mira El Mar” is a scorching-hot start and a perfect gateway into the music of The Golden Cage Society – from the speakers to the screen, they’ve clearly put everything they’ve got into every ticking second both visually & audibly…and THAT is the exact way to get the momentum, excitement, and enthusiasm flowing in the right direction for the future to come.  There’s every reason to be as stoked as I am about The Golden Cage Society – check out the video for “Mira El Mar” for yourself to prove it.  Just be ready to turn this single UP as far as it’ll go…and be ready to become a lifelong fan of The Golden Cage Society like I am now.  I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got on the rest of the Mira EP if “Mira El Mar” sounds THIS amazing…this is the kind of dedicated musicianship & passion the genre sorely needs right now and a genuine reason to be thrilled about the potential for a full-on rock revival this year in 2020.

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