The Gin Pennies – “Hypnotized” (Live @ The Compound)

 The Gin Pennies – “Hypnotized” (Live @ The Compound)

Beautiful stuff from a whole band full of gentle, sweet & rhythmic sounds – check out the latest from The Gin Pennies, live at the Compound performing their gorgeous new single “Hypnotized.”  Full of wonderful instrumentation, musicianship and stunning vocals – for fans of West My Friend, our first-ever winner of our annual Best New Sound contest, and all you other fans of melodic, professional & tender folk-tunes – you’ll absolutely love this.  How could you not though?  “Hypnotized” showcases the depth of talent and pure beauty that lies within this project & performance – check it out for yourself below!

Find out more about The Gin Pennies from their official page at the official homepage:

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