The Crow – “I Came To Cum”

 The Crow – “I Came To Cum”

It is official – I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud this hard at a single/video in years, or perhaps ever.

This dude has a massive future – no joke.

“I Came To Cum” is about EXACTLY what you’d think it’s about, because The Crow had the balls to go there.  Designed to make a serious splash and plaster his name across the chins of the masses – if it wasn’t for the fact this dude has such undeniable skill, you’d spend the entire time laughing.  Facts are the facts though y’all – when you really start digging into how clever “I Came To Cum” actually IS, you can’t really help but marvel at the freakin’ brilliance on display every bit as much as laugh at the jokes.

Look.  I get it.  It ain’t exactly music for your momma…unless of course she’s DTF, in which case turn this UP while you turn down the lights and get your nasty on.  Heck, depending on what browser you’re viewing this video from, don’t be surprised if it pops up with an actual explicit warning that’ll dare you to click to continue – and of course know that in my heart of hearts, I highly encourage you ALL to click YES.  This is simply too much fun for anyone out there to miss out on, even those of you not into excessive jizzooooooooom – “I Came To Cum” is straight-up fucking bold entertainment that won’t blue-ball ya.

Now…I don’t wanna put this track under the microscope in a way that’ll take away from the brilliance of the humor revealed in this cut – but in all seriousness, The Crow has proven through the video he’s got and this single he has, that all he genuinely needs to succeed, he’s already got.  I’ll tell ya this y’all – he’s got next-level brainwaves that connect differently than the other kids in the sandbox, you dig?  It’s just not possible to have put together such lyrical brilliance – again, no joke, that’s what it IS – without having genuine smarts that fully understand how to generate entertainment that connects & holds up.  You’ll see it in the video – ultimately, The Crow is what makes it work – he doesn’t need anything fancy or multi-million dollar production – he’s got pro quality already, and an X-factor you can’t fucking teach.

All over your plans, all over your friends, you ain’t ever gon’ see them again” – I could pull quotes from this guy all damn day – I ain’t even lying, I work with words all the time & the way this guy writes makes ME hard!  I almost don’t even know what to tell ya folks – “I Came To Cum” is just one of those songs you absolutely have to experience for yourself to even believe – trust me, y’ain’t gonna forget what you hear or what you see any time soon.  The Crow’s flow is more than fluid – it’s a verbal spurt of genius that you couldn’t possibly miss…if you’re sittin’ in the splash zone at his concerts, you gonna get WET.

She’s tryin’ to think fast, to slow me down some, puts a finger in my ass – fuck you got it damn wrong!

The Crow is my spirit animal.

Not only does he dominate the lead with thick ropes of gooey verbal goodness, but LISTEN to what’s happening in the background will ya?  Honestly, The Crow is letting loose and spraying juice with the kind of commitment & dedication it takes artists their whole careers to craft – and if he keeps this up, he’s gonna blast off straight up to #1 and leave a permanent stain on the couch of music’s history.

Did he cum,” you ask?  That’s a pretty personal question, you should probably mind your manners.

That being said, make sure you hang around to the very final seconds if you really wanna know the answer.  You’re welcome.

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