The Circle View – “Something Else”

 The Circle View – “Something Else”

The Circle View – “Something Else” – Music Video Post

“Something Else” indeed!  Fantastic energy in this Chicago-based band.

If you checked out the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve already been introduced to the latest single by The Circle View, along with more of my thoughts, of course – but if you haven’t yet, no panic necessary, you can check it out anytime ya like – feel free to turn it up ‘til your heart’s content by clicking here and have a listen to our latest episode, featuring “Something Else” in the official lineup.

To catch everyone up on the same page, The Circle View centers around the creative mind & musical talents of Lance Ayers – a man clearly born to rock the microphone with real soul, swagger, and style.  From what you can find out there online, you’ll see The Circle View has been crushin’ it for quite some time now, with albums like The Greater Good (2006), The Dither Age (2009) and The Love Rebellion (2013) – but admittedly, aside from a single called “Loving You Is Hard” released in 2019 a couple years ago, this project has been all-too-quiet on the eastern front for a while now – and obviously with a brand-new single out there & blazing its way up the charts right at this very moment, that’s all about to change in the right direction.  It’s time for The Circle View to get back to where they belong, doing what they love & giving YOU something well worth turning UP in the process – this band really IS “Something Else!”

And heck, sometimes an absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say, you dig?  The Circle View didn’t just come back with another song in 2021 – they’ve gone bigger & bolder than ever “Something Else” and delivered epic melody, single-worthy vibes, and radiantly addictive energy to your screens & speakers.  For real – they’ve tracked tens-upon-tens of thousands of hits, clicks and views from the video to their song available on all major platforms out there, and in an extremely short amount of time since it was released in mid-summer this year.  Clearly, the people were highly anticipating the inevitable return of The Circle View – & from the sounds of things, the band is equally stoked to be back in action.  After checking it all out for myself over these past couple weeks or so, I can safely say I understand why from both angles – as listeners, we should ALL be craving energy like Ayers and his crew contain – and as players, c’mon now y’all – LISTEN to how much fun a track like “Something Else” would be to jam y’all!  This track was 100% built for the stage, and it’s a testament to The Circle View that they’ve got that truly elusive sound threaded into the vibes they’ve created on this new single – it’s rare, but they’ve pulled that off spectacularly well, giving you studio-quality and live energy in perfectly complementary doses.

As I mentioned on the last episode of the SBS Podcast, this cat Lance Ayers has got the magic – not only does he clearly have a master’s grip on his vision for the sound of The Circle View and executes like a true professional, but he’s also got a genuine understanding of how to bring the good times people are seeking out, straight to’em with a song as lively as this single is.  “Something Else” is based on that feeling of being completely knocked out by that special someone you see…where whether you’re walking across the office, grabbing a water from the cooler, or driving in traffic – time just stops, and you’re in awe of what you see.  Those of you that have been there, you know – and those of you that haven’t yet, just hang in there, your time will come and you’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt when it does, because it IS an experience that’s like “Something Else” entirely.  We might not know how to define it…maybe it’s chemistry, maybe it’s fantasy – maybe none of that matters now because you just saw your future husband or wife in the corner store & got absolutely knocked right off your feet where you were standing only moments before!  You get the idea I’m sure – “Something Else” is all about the indescribable feelings of admiration, love, respect, and pure awe, all rolled right into one experience where it makes your brain pop, your soul dance, and your heart start skippin’ along to the beat – I’d be willing to bet there is a ton of you out there that’ll be able to relate to every word Lance is singing here.

It’s a flashy cut!  I believe on our show I compared “Something Else” to something akin to like, the melodic & rhythmic instincts of The Beatles infused with that otherworldly cool that an artist like Lenny Kravitz possesses, or the sensational flair of a band like Tower Of Power…real hybrid stuff that’s as versatile as it is dynamic & all-out gripping – but however you choose to define it yourself, I’m sure we can all agree that The Circle View has come back to the scene sounding charged-up, inspired, and giving it everything they got.  All I know is that if I was Lance and The Circle View listening back to “Something Else” and watching the stellar visuals & video supporting it, along with the numbers of clicks & views from fans all over the world that have clearly been waiting for their return – I’d sure be hella inspired to keep this roll goin’ & the music flowin’ and be enticed to ride this wave of energy straight to the number one spot & beyond.  As in, now that The Circle View has got a taste of what it’s like to be back in action and witnessed just how much the people are loving it out there across the internet – hopefully, they’ll keep the momentum surging and we’ll be in-store for some of the best tunes to come from this band over these next years to follow.  Everything I’m hearing & seeing in “Something Else” is nothing but confirmation that they’ve got all the right pieces to succeed, with a band leader they can rely on to drive them to that greatness, and bulletproof material that’s fully capable of backing up their ambitions with precision, passion, and style.

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