The Brilliance – “Oh Dreamer”

 The Brilliance – “Oh Dreamer”

The Brilliance – “Oh Dreamer” – Single Review

Now THAT…is a name for a band ain’t it?  No pressure gentlemen, but this better be good…


…MAN have I been on an incredible run of great tunes here lately!  The Brilliance is 100% as advertised.

This is one stunning single for the Electro-Pop duo of David Gungor & John Arndt…or at least, that’s the category I’m sliding them into after listening to “Oh Dreamer” from their new album Suite No.1: Oh Dreamer for now – it’s certainly the ingredients they’re using style & sound-wise…and clearly a recipe for success.  “Oh Dreamer” reaches far beyond its sparkling & shiny veneer…revealing a song that has incredible lyrical depth, stunning sound along with it, and vocals that are about as immaculate as can be.  As socially-conscious, woke, and aware, as it is remarkably entertaining, The Brilliance create genuinely compelling & truly breathtaking music – “Oh Dreamer” is all the proof a pair of ears could ever need.

I don’t even know what else to say honestly…this is one of those true cases of universal accessibility – you don’t need words from me when the music coming atcha speaks straight to the heart & soul like “Oh Dreamer” does.  Everyone would love this single!  How could you not when it all sounds this awesome?  Am I crazy?  Have I been up way, way, way too late?  Or am I as sharp as I’ve ever been (thanks coffee!) and this song really just is THAT amazing?  I’ll let you decide for yourselves of course, but I know who’s side (mine) I’m on when it comes to all this – The Brilliance are incredible.  When it comes to examining “Oh Dreamer,” I absolutely couldn’t tell you which part I love more – which is the true hallmark of the greatest of songs out there…you want balance between strengths at all times, and that’s exactly what you get from this dynamic duo.  “Oh Dreamer” is gorgeous when it comes to the vocals – it’s poignant, relatable, and real when it comes to the lyrics – and the music has a vibrant & lively spark to it that beautifully echoes the inspiration you’ll find in the words, and of course, vice-versa.

For as chill as “Oh Dreamer” may appear at first – this song becomes downright epic for as subtle as it is.  LISTEN to the string sounds floating through the atmosphere will ya?  How about the incredible electro-melody that leads the way through the music – that’s amazing too!  The beat is spot-on, the use of space is magnificent and the structure of “Oh Dreamer” builds up in the most satisfying of ways possible – I have no doubt whatsoever that The Brilliance put everything into this single from their new record and left nothing on the table.  This is what is sounds like when you’ve reached a song’s full potential, 100%.

Vocally…good lord…this dude’s like a complete blend of Chris Martin from Coldplay, Tom Chaplin from Keane, and Brandon Flowers (but probably mostly this dude) from The Killers all at once – & if a combination like that alone doesn’t get you excited…well…what the heck is wrong with you then?  It should!  That means you’ll get absolutely stunning melody and massive amounts of hooks…powerfully wild expression…and breathtaking low-key moments too – you get it ALL with The Brilliance.  It might be the least humble name you’ll ever stumble across in the independent music-scene…like, ever…but…well…they’ve earned it.  Plus I’m pretty sure it’s meant on a metaphorical & symbolic level more than a statement of musical fact – I’m just pokin’ them in the ribs a bit, I’m sure they’re completely humble dudes, no matter how spectacular their music is.  And I say that sincerely, because it’s authentic sincerity that you can really hear in a song like “Oh Dreamer” – The Brilliance has tapped right into the heart of this melody with surgeon-like precision.  Listening to key moments like around the two-minute mark in the breakdown and the three-minute mark after it’s all been brought back to full-strength & surging into the song’s finale…I mean…these are breathtaking & noteworthy highlights to say the very, very least.  Beyond impressed with everything from the structure to the sound – and I think what’s happening on the microphone combined with the slickness you’ll find in the music of The Brilliance gives them the advantage over…hmmmmmm…just about EVERY other band out there?  Seriously amazing single from The Brilliance – “Oh Dreamer” sounds 100% inspired, sincere, and relentlessly beautiful from the lefts to the rights…they should be proud of this song and what they’ve achieved here, it’s as tight, stunning, and perfect as a song could ever hope to become.  This is what you can a true accomplishment – The Brilliance raised the bar for the rest with this single, no doubt about it.

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