TAO SHU – “Slidin”

 TAO SHU – “Slidin”

TAO SHU – “Slidin” – Music Video Post

“Slidin” & glidin’ with that oh-so-good stylistic swagger we were introduced to back at the beginning of last month in posting up TAO SHU’s video for “Ain’t Trippin” – the man returns to our pages with a brand-new cut that confirms he’s been continually firing off at an all-star level this year.  You know how we do it here at SBS…there’s Rap we like, Trap we can get into…but when it comes to what’s truly definable as Hip-Hop – or better yet, conscious Hip-Hop like TAO SHU’s creating – you best believe we’re turning UP for it.  This dude’s got genuine bars, and he’s seizing the momentum from the work he’s puttin’ in; he’s carving out a name for himself through his fusion of timeless style & highly relevant modern-day vibes.

Because if you’re listening…sure…you’d be tempted to put TAO SHU in the same spots you’d find Drake online…and you wouldn’t be wrong in making a comparison like that, there definitely are similarities you’ll find – but when it comes to the bars, you’ll find him flex with complex lyricism spit with the full-on professional precision that makes it all seem effortless for the man behind the m-i-c, like a Kweli or Common would…and it brings the authentic Hip-Hop aspect to this single that becomes so addictive.  Regardless, no matter what you’re hearing or who you might end up feeling TAO SHU could potentially be comparable to – listen to the magic at work and how balanced his strengths are between the bars & the hooks he’s singin’ – he’s got it 100% locked-down when it comes to the most essential ingredients.

Errrrybody makes mistakes – it’s like we love to gamble but we hate the stakes” – that’s #Truth direct from TAO SHU right there is what that is.  One of many insightful lines you’ll find flowing throughout his latest single – the man spits sincere verses & reflects on life & love, the ups & downs, the joy & the pain – and ultimately, TAO SHU takes ownership in the part he’s played when things get tough & break down.  Of course the way he strings words & thoughts together is impressive – but he’s got lyrics in here that speak volumes on behalf of the maturity and evolution that has taken place in TAO SHU over the years.  Being a great artist is one thing…being a great artist at a time when you’re mentally prepped & ready for the moment is a whole other deal – and TAO SHU is consistently proving he’s part of that latter scenario.

Dude also puts together killer videos that flow every bit as fluidly as his vocals do.  “Ain’t Trippin” was rad enough to begin with – TAO SHU was just rappin’ in front of freakin’ garden shed or something, but it quickly became so much more with the use of clever edits & effects.  Much the same can be said of the new video for “Slidin” supporting his latest cut – he’s basically turning what’s ordinary into extraordinary – and it seems like it all comes so natural to him that you’d assume TAO SHU can do what he does all day, every day…and I’d be willing to bet he does exactly that.  He’s making memorable impressions in short doses by playing it right from the screen to the speakers – “Slidin” is another solid example of how he confidently handles his business with versatile skill, undeniable style, and an authentic love of the craft.

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