Taiyel – “Necessary” Feat. Larry Gaaga

 Taiyel – “Necessary” Feat. Larry Gaaga

Taiyel – “Necessary” Feat. Larry Gaaga – Music Video Post

Ayyyyyyyyy yo!  Brooklyn in the building y’all.  #QueenOfNY   #HardcoreNetsFanHereInCanada

Believe me when I tell ya, the last thing this Afro-fusion femcee needs is any confirmation from me or anyone else out there – she’s got numbers that speak strongly for themselves with listeners & viewers tuning into her new single “Necessary,” closing in on a million clicks every minute by the day as people check this video out from every corner of the map online.  It’s clear that the court of public opinion has already rendered its verdict!  The people have come out to support Taiyel’s stunningly stylistic vibes by the hundreds of thousands as she surges into this new year with her most massive hit-single to-date.  No joke folks – Taiyel’s already had some majorly impressive results with previous releases like “La Vida Loca,” “P.O.P. (Power Of Persistency),” and “Matter,” all racking up BIG numbers as she continued to step into the spotlight – with “Necessary,” it’s clear that she’s taken everything straight to the next level.

Proudly presented & repped by her label at DemGully Entertainment, with stellar production from the legendary talents of Larry Gaaga – Taiyel’s fully set up for success in the network of talent surrounding her own undeniable X-factor vocals and immaculately hybrid vibes.  Sleek and stylistic, and stocked full of enticing sound that’s got stunning degrees of universal appeal – Taiyel was born to be a crossover artist that captures the attention of the masses and educates their ears through unique cross-cultural experiences she creates in her music.  It’s certainly no surprise to us that her latest single has caught on like wildfire around the internet already and gone straight-up viral – Taiyel has a sensational & verifiably single-worthy song on her hands with “Necessary,” delivering every moment you’ll hear with confident professionalism and beautiful tone.  Heightening the sweetness & charm of the subtle but sexy vibes of “Necessary” through the sensual visuals onscreen and cinematic look to the video directed by Clarence Peters of Capital Dreams Pictures – Taiyel is like a dream come to life on your screen & in your speakers.

Massively memorable hooks and a stunning video to support it all – you gotta love it.  Taiyel takes this beat & gives it a perfectly sensory vibe & classy dose of her stylistic sound…again, I could tell ya great things about her all day long, but the numbers she’s pullin’ in from listeners & viewers from all over the globe say more than my words ever could, and volumes about how many people out there are diggin’ on the incredibly smooth and innovative approach she’s taking with her music & career.  Taiyel’s clearly got nothing but green lights ahead of her as she continues to break ground in the scene and establish her name on the charts & playlists out there – I’ve got no doubt she’ll keep surging forward from here.

Find out more about Taiyel from the official page of her label at DemGully Entertainment, right here:  https://demgully.com

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