Wred Esguerra – “Come And Go”

Wred Esguerra – “Come And Go” – Single Review Alrighty!  Wred Esguerra…I tell ya, I love the sound of that dude’s name – it just sounds cool doesn’t it? Maybe you gotta be a guy that types words all day like I do to appreciate that lol…I don’t know.  It’s just not a name I’m […]Read More

Wred Esguerra – “You’re Still Here”

Wred Esguerra – “You’re Still Here” – Single Review Alright…considering this is a debut single & all, I think Wred deserves a lot of credit for how “You’re Still Here” came out, and the strengths he shows in his vocals and R&B style.  The right ideas are here, present & accounted for…the potential is certainly […]Read More

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