SBS Podcast 071

A whole set-list of tunes that could rival anything the mainstream could supply ya with easily – the independent music-scene is alive & thrivin’ on our latest episode! Check out new cuts from Woodfish, CHX Collective, and Phantom Phunk + classic tracks from EMPRA, Acres Of Lions, School Friends, and Red Martian – AND…we’ll crack […]Read More

Woodfish – “Damn Thang”

Woodfish – “Damn Thang” – Single Review 100% THIS.  Woodfish absolutely have it goin’ on. Anyone with ears and a spare ten-seconds to fire-up their new single “Damn Thang” could tell ya that though…in fact, it’ll probably take them even less time to reach that conclusion.  Woodfish get this cut cranked into gear & rollin’ […]Read More