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Compiled from a vast list of impressive talent we’ve witnessed through our reviews this past year between Dec. 15th 2013 and Dec. 15th 2014. Of all the albums and sounds that came our way this year, each of these amazing bands stood out solidly apart from the rest with killer new material we still spin […]Read More

West My Friend

By now we can assume if you’ve been following our work here from sleepingbagstudios, that you’re well-familiar with the name West My Friend and the sounds of their beautiful indie-folk music. We’ve had the extreme pleasure of getting to know this incredibly talented band of four from Vancouver Island over these past two years and you […]Read More

West My Friend – When The Ink Dries

West My Friend – When The Ink Dries – Album Review I’ve nearly had to dodge the internet in this past week altogether, preparing reviews for bands we’ve seen on our screens on SBS Live This Week…first Man Made Lake and here we have West My Friend. Both extremely talented…both great people…both from Vancouver Island…and…well…I mentioned […]Read More

Early Update In 2014

AWESOME TO BE LIVING IN THIS DAY & AGE… I’ve always considered myself a world citizen. I believe in a world without borders one day. I also believe in many ways, that this “world” I believe in already exists online… Because aside from a few countries with internet restrictions, that ability for us all to […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 041

Find pictures of West My Friend from sleepingbagstudios at the links below! Album #0032: Album #0065: Album #0139: Album #0169: More

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