SBS Live This Week 067

Been a while since we got a video-interview back – and now here we are, with I, Symptom all the way from Budapest, Hungary!  Absolutely awesome stuff in this interview, great answers, great editing…highly creative and tons of valuable information and insight into all-things I, Symptom.  These video-interviews have always been one of the most […]Read More

0186 – Vaultry (Live @ Ask A Punk 2017)

Check out some still shots from the most recent show I’ve seen this year…just a couple days back when Vaultry made it all the way from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, Ontario to kick some ass at a rad house party put on by Ask A Punk.  In one hell of a dank-ass dungeon of a […]Read More

SBS Podcast 025

I take on your questions once again!  Heavier mix of music in the lineup – check out songs from Against Time, Fey, The Liquid C, Vaulty, Violet Cold, Amarelle, Paragon Theorem, Shobocon and Throttlecaster & learn about the music of Omar Bowing and hear the new single “Sonus Republic.”   Your official lineup of songs […]Read More

Vaultry – Eulogy

Vaultry – Eulogy – Album Review I’ll start by saying this – there really aren’t that many bands out there with the courage to make a record like this.  Regardless of any opinions I have on the music of Vaultry’s sophomore release/first full-length record Eulogy – you have to admire the courage and strength within […]Read More


Interview with Vaultry SBS:  Welcome Vaultry!  Big year coming up for your band, no doubt about it.  You’ve got your new kickass video for the single “No Victory” from the end of last year, the new video for “Ghost Writing” from the follow-up release to the Coven EP on the new full-album Eulogy out officially […]Read More

SBS Podcast 021

Brand-new debut tunes from killer new bands/artists like Subtle Kind Of Murder, Stereoshifter, Toby Poynter, Headchange and MrOrijinal in addition to further exploring the music we know & love from Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders, The Affectionates, Vaultry, Salmon Friends and AZTEC – come get some!   This week’s official playlist includes: Billy Roberts […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 021

Another hot more-music episode from SBS featuring some of the best artists/bands that today’s independent music-scene has to offer from around the globe.  Today in the podcast, Jer @ SBS surrenders a TINY bit of playlist-control to Ryan @ SBS for an overall mix of rad & badass tunes for you to turn up!   […]Read More

Vaultry – Coven

Vaultry – Coven – EP Review Well…fuck eh? Canadian-based band Vaultry has put out a punishing set of four new songs on their latest EP, Coven. Tightly played, expertly assembled, written and produced – this is extremely well-thought-out material that draws from aggression, melody and truly impressive instincts that lead to wildly-dynamic songs on this […]Read More