TRUTHR – “Pajamas”

TRUTHR – “Pajamas” – Music Video Release/Review “My generation’s woke, but we still in our pajamas” – that’s truth direct from TRUTHR right there for ya. Talent is a great thing.  Great songs, even better. TRUTHR’s got both when it comes right down to it…you’d never catch us arguing against that after experiencing a ton […]Read More

TRUTHR – “Slidin”

“Slidin” & glidin’ with that oh-so-good stylistic swagger we were introduced to back at the beginning of last month in posting up TRUTHR’s video for “Ain’t Trippin” – the man returns to our pages with a brand-new cut that confirms he’s been continually firing off at an all-star level this year.  You know how we […]Read More

TRUTHR – “Ain’t Trippin”

“Life is fuckin’ beautiful with all of its flaws.”  That’s #TruthdirectfromTRUTHR y’all, listen up! TRUTHR “ain’t worried ‘bout a motherfuckin’ thing” – and I can’t say I blame the man…if I had skills like he’s got I’d be spittin’ rhymes in the sunshine all day long just like he is throughout the video for his […]Read More

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