Torin Muccino – Adeline

Torin Muccino – Adeline – EP Review Man. I kinda wish every EP, like, on EARTH started out as enticing as this one does.  I get chills every time it begins…it’s audibly supernatural the way that “Intro/Another Day” opens up the adventure into this highly anticipated record from Torin Muccino.  He teased pieces of this […]Read More

Torin Muccino – “Eyes Wide Shut”

Torin Muccino – “Eyes Wide Shut” – Single Review It’s honestly hard to say exactly what Torin Muccino is onto here…I just know it’s something really special; in fact, I don’t think it’s even possible to listen to this dude sing a song and come to a different conclusion.  There’s just something about his tone […]Read More

Torin Muccino – “Adeline”

Torin Muccino – “Adeline” – Single Review It’s like we just woke the man up… It’s been a minute or two since we last had Torin Muccino on our pages…back towards the end of 2018 with the album For The Times to be somewhat precise.  All things to be considered as of late, a year […]Read More

Torin Muccino – For The Times

Torin Muccino – For The Times – Album Review This dude is going places. Feels like I’ve been on a pretty good run of luck when it comes to reviewing full albums lately…gonna keep that momentum flowing in the right direction & write about the debut record from Torin Muccino.  I’ve had the opportunity to […]Read More

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