A Whole Mess Of Stuff…

I’m always excited to reach out to you all through this written medium and we’re not quite ready to break the silence on SBS Live This Week just yet….but soon! Everytime I log in here though, I really wish I got to this writing stuff a little more – but we all know how much […]Read More

Have We Run Out Of Steam?

As I’ve mentioned to the online contacts from bands and artists that have come through SBS in the past – it’s pretty easy to see from online postings whether the content owners are busy or in some form of flux as the postings all tend to die down or stop altogether. We all create in […]Read More

The Editing Process…

I thought this time it might be a good idea to explain our side of the editing process as far as SBS Live This Week is concerned – what we go through on a weekly basis in order to bring the show to the internet each week for two episodes….it’s not always easy but I […]Read More

The Lowdown On The Silent SBS

I should really start this particular blog with an emoticon winky face. Cause even though we’ve been behind on posting our show, putting up pictures and of course this blog…you’ll still always find us at the polar opposite of silent or still when it comes to the internet and fighting for YOUR music. March is […]Read More

Filling The Space

Good things never seem to slow down. These past few weeks between postings here have seen a bunch of new opportunities – as usual the progress here is always going forward and in a positive direction! But for story purposes…we’ll go backwards through the details! This weekend has been all about good times with good […]Read More

The Not-so Lonely Island

Putting the SBS Origin Stories on hold for the moment – talk about my recent experience outside of the studio…that’s right…every once in a while they let me out of the studio for fresh air. The SBS Team mumbles something about “basic human rights” as they push me out the door for the day and […]Read More

What Happened After Tundra Left…

So! SBS origin wise – where were we…? RIGHT! Laura Kelsey had just left our studio with her dog Tundra…. The next couple of months would see us building a show and the start of something phenomenally special – so much so there’s not a single member of our team that wouldn’t be willing to […]Read More

A Unique Point Of View

SleepingBagStudios has continued to triumph in the mission of bringing music of all kinds to you through our show SBS Live This Week! As I mentioned in the previous blog posting, it has been a mind blowing and truly soul enriching experience – something we never want to give up. It has also been fantastic […]Read More

The SBS Past & Laura Kelsey

I’d never deny that there’s a more than a handful of factors that have led to the current state of SBS, my personal mindset or the show we now know to be SBS Live This Week! Sometimes when I sit here and connect all those dots…I’m truly amazed how it has all come together. So […]Read More

All Kinds Of SBS

As most of you know – I love to talk about music. I continue not to sleep and answer e-mails or talk to bands or fans directly – which I LOVE – and it gets me to here! It is 7:38am – here’s the update I promised all you wonderful people sometime yesterday night…. First […]Read More

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