SBS Podcast 027

Brand-new episode digging into the independent-scene’s penchant for crossing the borders of genres and physical landscapes to get to your waiting ears! Featuring music from: Carry Illinois, Austin Jones Band, Evoletah, Yellow Paper Planes, The Grave Jinglers, Empire Of Gold, Jack Alacka, Robyn Cage, Suits Boulevard and a brand-new tune pre-release from Toby Poynter!   […]Read More

SBS Podcast 009

Another incredible episode filled with music that has true PERSPECTIVE out there in the independent-scene!  We’ll talk about that, take a moment or two to figure out when to get political, and of course feature all kinds of incredible music from far & wide!  We’ll go even further to prove that in this episode as […]Read More

Suits Boulevard – Oblivious Sampler

Suits Boulevard – Oblivious Sampler – Singles Review Alternative-rock band Suits Boulevard has been making waves all throughout international waters with their latest album Oblivious.  All the way from their base in central Denmark, this band of six created quite a buzz within their first year of declaring themselves a part of the music-scene.  I […]Read More