SBS Podcast 055

Back again friends! Kickin’ it here in August with another spectacular playlist for your summer – you know how we do it here on the SBS Podcast! Come check out music from Martin Del Carpio, Plike, Fraction & Finsta, Sienná, MADIO, Koncrete Examples, Peter Porker, Voluptas Mors – and we’ll take you further into the […]Read More

Stephon Foster – “NiteTime”/”Overdrive”

Stephon Foster – “NiteTime”/”Overdrive” – Singles Review Consider me interested…I think Stephon Foster’s got a strong couple tunes here with her brand-new singles from the upcoming record Black Kanary.  She’s busting out in 2018 and clearly the support for her music is growing strong – from the professional video she’s got put together for “NiteTime” […]Read More

SBS Podcast 054

Stoked to be back already with a shiny new lineup of tunes stylistically designed to keep your speakers full of awesomeness! Enjoy music from Xoxo Spencer, Mel Monaco, Amita, Meena Kaye Featuring Mee And The band, Major Moment, Alex Musicci, Trill Cut and Genius Picaso – plus we’ve got the music of Stephon Foster up […]Read More

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