Souleye – Shapeshifting

Souleye – Shapeshifting – Album Review Always great to see this artist back in our midst…and to be quite honest with you all…I felt as if Souleye rolled-out the red carpet for us all right from the drop as Shapeshifting began; “Human Overwhelm” is about as audibly-inviting as I’ve ever heard accomplished as an opening […]Read More

Souleye – “The Victim”

Not that we’d expect anything different from an artist we’ve known to be exceptional in the past, but it looks as if Souleye is indeed out to capture the attention of anyone within earshot in the hypnotic & rhythmic beat of his new single “The Victim” featuring Chachille.  Definitely a successful collaboration as far as […]Read More

Souleye – Identified Time

Souleye – Identified Time – EP Review Something about the music of Souleye is very familiar to me…I mean, I’d kick myself hard if this is where I discover I’m old now and losing a grip on my memory’s ability to remember our past experiences here at sleepingbagstudios…but I don’t think that’s it necessarily. I […]Read More

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