The Quest For The Best New Sound Of 2015 Begins

VERY excited about this year’s top-ten list.  I know, I know…I was last year as well – but understand it’s just because the process itself is such a kickass way to bring this list to you each year…or rather, it has been for the last time we did this, and of course this one as […]Read More

The Results Of YOUR Vote For Our BEST NEW SOUND

Before anything goes any further – I first want to send a huge congratulatory shout-out to all ten of these amazingly talented bands for making this list of nominees.  Every last one of you put out incredible music for us to listen to over the past year and I personally couldn’t thank you enough.  There […]Read More

SBS Readers Poll 3/4 Update!!!

Alright! We’re 3/4 of the way there to announce our BEST NEW SOUND of 2014! What a shake-up from the last update!!!  Amazing support from a ton of incredible fans brought acts like Man Made Lake and Shagpile right into the top 5, while the incredible support for West My Friend continues!  The remaining five […]Read More

Midway Update On The SBS Readers Poll!

Alright!  Here’s the math on how it’s going so far and where you’ve been directing your support for the amazing talent we’ve discovered throughout 2014. Currently leading the way…. [chart id=”1″] The spread between these incredible bands might not be as far apart as it seems!  Lots of time to still cast your votes daily, […]Read More