Prymrr – “Goodbyes”

Prymrr – “Goodbyes” – Music Video Release/Review Hello Prymrr!  Welcome back homie.  Now onto “Goodbyes!” You might remember the young firecracker from back in 2018 when we posted up a review here at SBS on her single “GAMBLiN” – back when she still was yet to be a teenager and still known to her fans […]Read More

SBS Podcast 084

Let’s all celebrate the fact that the Christmas tunes are packed away for another sweet, sweet eleven months or so, and turn up some real tunes for the new year! We’ll be talking about the artist Prymrr on the show today, in addition to spinning cuts from The Brilliance, Olga Solar, Correigh, Echoofmyvoice, Nomadic Attic, […]Read More

Prymrr – “GAMBLiN’”

Prymrr – “GAMBLiN’” – Single Review What a badass!  Rapper Prymrr has already achieved more than most of us ever will in one lifetime.  She’s worked with superstars like Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio (and countless other instances of awesomeness) and Sia, starring in her video for the hit-single “Never Give Up” – […]Read More