Omar Bowing – “Creature”

Omar Bowing – “Creature” – Single Review As I’ve already stated…been a great week of music here at the homepage.  Reliable as ever, some of the best in the independent music-scene have been showing up at the page with brand-new releases over the summer.  Chasing Jonah, Sun.Set.Ships, Endsightt, aMBe, Digital Escort have all graced our […]Read More

Omar Bowing – “Amen”

Omar Bowing – “Amen” – Single Review You gotta hand it to Omar Bowing…the brooding-tone in the signature-style of this dude’s song-writing and band’s overall-sound always seems like its hulking & heaving away, growing larger in the attic of your mind…ready to pound-out your doom & announce your end of days at any given moment. […]Read More

Omar Bowing – “Warrior”

Omar Bowing – “Warrior” – Single/Video Review Awesome! It’s always good to see people back we love to see and hear from. We reviewed Omar’s album 432 Hz a little over/under a year ago and we’ve had his video for the single “Code Love” on our show SBS Live This Week. Still grinding out intense […]Read More

Omar Bowing – 432 Hz

Omar Bowing – 432 Hz – Album Review I’ve got to hand it to progressive alt-metal artist Omar Bowing – he’s created an album here with 432 Hz that instantly got my attention; opening track “Virus” comes out swinging like a prison-yard champion. What I also noticed – was an instant comparison I could draw to […]Read More

SBS Live This Week – 013

All music episode! Aztec! Man Made Lake! Omar Bowing! Aeterna! Better Daze! Tim Korry! Charming Timur! Blackout Lights! Spotlights on the music of A New Way To Live Forever and Gentry Fox! Check it out music-fans!Read More