Girish – “Starboy”

You know it…it’s a cover of the recent smash-single of “Starboy” by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk! Giving it his own spin on vocals/guitar, singer/songwriter Girish does a solid job of the complex & catchy vocals of “Starboy.”  Check out what it sounds like through his own unique performance & perspective…you gotta love the writing […]Read More

An Infinite Attraction – “Prone To Laying Low”

Seriously proud of this guy.  Brandon Kahl who worked an internship with SBS over the course of 2015 is keeping his music flowing and breaking through to new creative levels.  Releasing a brand-new cut full of sound to stoke your earholes in a collaboration that combines his beat with the rap-rhymes of Cassius.  What a […]Read More

Lunar Woods – “Let’s Get Loud”

To accompany their brand-new record with a title of the same-name, Russian-based grunge-rock band Lunar Woods have released “Let’s Get Loud” as the first single from their latest album.  We’ve already had a chance to review the entire record in-full, you can check that out here…but before you do that, make sure to check out […]Read More

Lady Crush – “She No Lie, She On Fire” (Feat.

The more I learn about the music of Lady Crush, the more I seem to dig what she’s doing.  I mean…it’s impossible NOT to love this video for her hit-single “She No Lie, She On Fire” – it’s hotter than hot and sexy as hell!  Lady Crush is an exceptionally confident beauty and a dedicated […]Read More

Dex – “50 Shades Of Green” (Feat. Jynx)

I mean…y’all already KNOW I support the greens as much as I can, so supporting the release of Dex’s new-cut released on the infamous-date of 4/20 this year is certainly an easy thing for us to do!  “50 Shades Of Green” not only has a theme we can relate to – it also has an […]Read More

Tom Adams – “Ghost (Acoustic)”

Tom Adams – you’re a smooth player brother! Seriously dear-readers, dear-listeners, dear fans – check this guy out!  The opening moments of Tom stepping-up to the mic to lay an acapella beat as the foundation to “Ghost (Acoustic)” on-loop will already be enough to convince you that you’re about to check out something special – […]Read More

Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples – “I Need You”

Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples – “I Need You” – Single Release From his Prelude album, Jeffrey Aaron and his band of Blurples are out to absolutely make a huge impact with “I Need You,” the lead-single.  This epic song absolutely screams-out ‘single-worthy’ – I can’t even begin to explain just how close I’ve come […]Read More

Satish – “Brenda”

New video released to our page by Satish, aka Satish Dat Beast – he’ll demonstrate why that is with the monster-sized hooks in the chorus/flow of his single “Brenda” – check it out! Find more from Satish here at iTunes: More

Armada Named Sound – “Crush”

Sometime around about six months ago, we uncovered the wild, exotic electro-infused grooves & rhythms of Armada Named Sound and reviewed their Starchildren EP.  Still fresh in our mind as a band to always check-in on and see what’s going on with – it looks as if their creativity hasn’t taken a moment off and […]Read More

Phillip Foxley – I’ll Try ‘Till I Die

There are really not too many articles here at that come along before our original interview with the man of the hour today, Phillip Foxley.  Back in early 2013…I was lucky enough to have crossed paths with Phil through one of my first interviews here at SBS and getting my way back into the […]Read More